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LHeyde Posts: 1

Good afternoon bear lovers (at least it is in the US). I have just purchased my first kit from Emma's bears and have been playing with some free patterns from around the web. My first child left for college this year and I have found myself with some extra time for me to play with. I have done TONS of research and found some great books and websites much in part to reading things around here. I would like to know where to get the best prices on fabrics and supplies here in the US. Thanks for all your help already!

Lisa Heyde

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,011

Welcome to a fun hobby, Lisa!

Our site sponsor, Intercal Mohair, is a great source for mohair, alpaca, a few synthetics, plus eyes and joints and so on. The prices are good, and so is the service from Johnna and her crew.

I hope to see photos of your creations soon! (There's something special about first efforts.)


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