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Dangerbears - Becky Chase


Wouldn't you think I'd have asked enough questions by now???!!!???  :crackup:

This is a fun one!

What, besides teddy bears and friends, can we make out of mohair and/or alpaca?

My mother has suggested:

Steering wheel covers
picture frames
shoe insoles (because I do this with my scraps and it keeps my feet toasty warm!)
doll clothes, purses, etc.
adult purses
ear muffs

What ideas do you have?

puca bears

Hi Daphne
well...I have to admit to this one - the bits of bears that don't work end up as cat and dog toys here!
Our cats have a few mohiair and alpaca "mice" - bear bodies that I wasn't happy with, and one of our dog's favourite toys is a bear body with a tennis ball stuffed inside. i DID learn something quite reassuring recently while playing tug of war with the dog. and a bear body with head attached....N.B. we have a very big 54 kilo dog, who is VERY strong....the head is STILL attached!!!
As for making anything else with the bear fabrics - if only I had the time!!!! (and that's NOT becouse I am snowed under with orders - I'm just one of the world's slowest bear-makers!)

Aleta - The Silly Bear

Dee,  bear_flower
Seriously?  Lampshades?
bear_laugh  bear_laugh

I stand in the cat toys line.  Afterall, who's cat hasn't taken off with an ear or two from their work table?  Another idea....for a cat mat/bed.

Warmest bear hugs,  :hug:

Tami E

Aleta, I was thinking of the cat bed idea last night as I was trying to turn over but was pinned down by my two fat kitties lying on top of the covers on both sides if my legs! I was thinking, "If we bought them a bed, would they even lay in it?" Then I thought, "If I made it with mohair they sure would, as they immediately lay on any piece that is on a flat surface!

If you make cloth or even sculpted dolls mohair can be hair or beards.


I found the lampshade idea to be a bit over the top myself! When I think fur lapshades I picture the red velvet lampshades in wh#r# houses myself!!! Not that I've been in one, but I've seen 'em on TV. Better shut up here!

OK... so...

Cat toys
Cat beds (Dog beds too!)

What else?


:crackup:  :crackup: Lampshades!!  Really, fuzzy lampshades would look great in a hip teen bedroom!

We end up with cat toys here too.  My dogs are boring and could care less about toys, or they would have them too. bear_tongue Aleta, the cat bed would be perfect as I think all kitties are drawn like a magnet to laying on mohair! bear_grin

Couple more ideas:

fuzzy dice
throw pillows


Patchwork quilts
Dog coats
Padded hangers
     Ya know the padded lingerie hangers? I saw some of synthetic fur at JoAnns!


a holder for your mobile/cell phone  - I had one of these in my head fora  while  and someone beat me to it lol.
    I made a doll once a while back that had a little white mohair cape hat and teddy muff, in that gorgeous long wavy pile fur.



-cover picture frames go with the lamp shades of course  :crackup:

-book covers

-ear muffs


-a little girls purse

-heck, a purse for me! LOL

-halloween costumes

-those things that go under your door to keep the drafts out......

Oh my, I could go on  all day,

Now if I could just figure out what to do with all the SCRAPS!!!!



Great ideas Heather! bear_thumb  Now you and I should have a challenge at our shows... everyone has to make something NOT BEAR out of their mohair and try to sell it. Dumb idea? I'm thinking I'm going to try a 'bear all bag'... a large tote bag sort of thing that is lined and collectors can bring it to shows to carry their newly adopted bears in and the rest of their day to day life it can be a great tote bag for purse and lunch to work, an overnight bag, gym bag, whatever!

Heather, I think there is a thread for scrap ideas!!  bear_original


lol, I love the lampshade idea.... heehee.... ugh, I can really picture myself one day in a creepy
house filled with strange things and too many cats... heeheee.
ummm... Scarves would be cool, I had someone ask me to make them a string mohair
skirt.. lol...  I made mohair Dog Booties for a client once.. lol.
I always wanted to make a mohair purse... Or seat covers for my truck.


Daphne wrote:

I found the lampshade idea to be a bit over the top myself! When I think fur lapshades I picture the red velvet lampshades in wh#r# houses myself!!! Not that I've been in one, but I've seen 'em on TV. Better shut up here!

OK... so...

Cat toys
Cat beds (Dog beds too!)

What else?


Hummm...good question! I always just chuck my scraps in a basket with the intention of using them someday, but I never do, or the idea of I may need a small piece for an ear and I will wish I had kept that tiny piece of mohair for such an emergency *smiles* I keep all pieces big enough for an silly of me!
Normally, I just end up giving them to someone who make small bears.
I dont give my pets the fun furry leftovers either. My sweet little mini dauchshund has been known to run off with an entire head, so stuffed animals of any kind and mohair are a big no-no for my pets. that is an interesting concept, but I really like the shoe insert idea. We do a lot of winter camping and even though I have great boots, my toes still get cold! I may have to try that!!



Daph, that's a great idea.

I think I may try that, if not this time, maybe next time.

I think I remember that thread about scraps ( have I been here THAT long? lol) I'm gonna go hunt it down.

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