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crisw Posts: 12

I've always wanted an airbrush...

I'm looking at acquiring a middle-of-the-road double-action, internal mix airbrush, probably bottom-feed. I'm looking at several models by Badger (150, 360, Crescendo, Anthem), some of the lower-end Iwatas, possibly Paasche (although I've read some not-so-good reviews of these.)

I've never airbrushed before, although I've done other artwork. I'm looking for a model that's easy to learn, adjust, and clean, and that does well spraying watered-down acrylics. I have a Badger Whirlwind 80-2 air compressor on the way, just need the brush!

What brushes have you used in this range, and what do you like/dislike about them?

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Judi Paul is for sure the lady to answer you on this one.  Didn't she post something here on airbrushing recently?  If not, I saw it on the board-whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned (very Harry Potter-esque, that.)

If she doesn't pop in here sometime soon you should try her email or find her at her site, Luxembears.  She's been airbrushing for about twenty years and has lots to share on this!

Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

OOOOOOOOO right up my alley!  Thanks for the kind words too Shelli!:)

I have been airbrushing for more than 20 years (22 to be exact;)).  I learned on the Passhe H single action airbrush.  It is an external mix / bottom draw paint flow.  Single action means that to you only need one action to paint.  You push down on a button and the paint mixes with the air. 

Dual, or double, action means that to paint requires TWO movements.  One- to push down on the top button for airflow, and Two- pull back the button while pressing, for paint flow.

I have used the Passche VL and thought it was a very good airbrush ...HOWEVER...for a first time airbrusher I do not recommend dual action.  This airbrush did tend to clogg a bit more and the long needle of a dual action can bend very easily and then you cannot piant at all.

The Thayer and Chandler 'AA' I used for when I professionally did photo retouching.  This is a very fine airbrush  and quite expensive.  I paid $182.00 more than ten years ago.  You wouldn't need one like this for airbrushing on bears.

I have also used a Badger Airbrush which I also thought was very good.

The airbrush I use the most...which is tried and true times 22 years.... is my Passche H.  Below is a picture of what can be done entirely freehand.  You can get a lot of detail with this airbrush.  I love it.
I will also post a few pictures of airbrushing on bears.  These were all done with the Passche H:
Okay, I think that is enough pictures...sorry if I got a bit carried away.  It is hard to pick just one picture as an example of airbrushing on a bear.  There are so many different effects you can get that the possibilites are endless.

The reason I use the Passche H the most is because it is very reliable, easy to use, and cleans up quickly.  They retail for around $45.00.  On ebay you can often find them for less.  I would buy a brand new one, though, not used.  The tips of an airbrush are soft brass and can bend very easily if not carefully handled.

For more examples of airbrushed art and airbrushed bear visit my website

Dilu Posts: 8,574

NO NO NO!!!!  :D

Never  enough pictures Judi.....more.....I'm a greedy little wonkybrat.


SueAnn Past Time Bears
Flower Mound, Texas
Posts: 20,545

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Stunning examples of your very wonderful airbrushing, Judi!!  bear_laugh

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