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AcidPop Posts: 1

Hi everyone! New member here, and relatively new to the soft sculpture scene as well. But I've recently purchased my first soft sculpture piece and came to realize I need more! bear_laugh This is going to be an addiction...I can tell already.

I'm wondering if you can help point me toward artists who make realistic style animals versus stylized teddy bears. I'm interested in having a few commissions done, and I'm on the hunt for artists who might be able to do what I'm looking for.

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 5,886

Welcome to Teddy Talk! I'd recommend having a look at the Teddy Bears and Pals section to see whether there are artists that catch your interest. Any TT member can be contacted by sending them a PM (private message).

Good luck in your search!


Us Bears Pennsylvania
Posts: 1,477

Yes, there are many here who can make Bears and critters for you but they can't come to you.  You must contact them.

Look through the galleries and see if there is anybody whose style you like then send them a message.
That's just about all there is, really.

Remember, if you are commissioning work (as opposed to ordering a Bear that's already made) be prepared to pay at least half the price up front.
Your chosen artist needs to buy materials in order to make your new friend.  She will have to put in a lot of work before the result gets sent to you.  She deserves to have some money in her pocket to pay for time and expense.

Finally, make sure the two of you have a clear understanding of what the other wants before the project starts.  Get it in writing.  (An e-mail will do.)
Price, size, materials, design, postage, delivery time... Everything.

I have ordered several Bears from members of Teddy-Talk and have been very pleased each and every time but that still doesn't mean you don't need to communicate.

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