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angel Posts: 1

hi everyone, i am new to teddy talk, seems like fun.  i only make bears for myself and gifts.  teddies are starting to take over the house so someday i may try to sell.  Anyway i just started making dogs but can only find patterns for sitting dogs.  does anyone know of a pattern with four jointed legs?  thanks so much, angel

DebbieD Posts: 3,540

:hug: Welcome to Teddy Talk!!!  :hug:

I've found this pattern … choffset=0  I think its five way jointed, sold via CR Crafts.  Keep in mind that any dogs you make from the pattern you can only give as gifts...not sell, to follow copywrite rules.  But it should get your feet wet to make your very own puppy patterns  bear_flower

Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

Debbie - do you work for CRs Crafts???  bear_laugh    bear_laugh    bear_laugh

DebbieD Posts: 3,540

bear_tongue No!  bear_tongue   Its just that they're the ones I've used the longest, so I know their supplies a bit better than the other companies...  Plus I really like the Springtime Patterns as they go together easy for beginners.

Cleathero Creations Cleathero Creations
Ripley, Queensland
Posts: 1,925

This is the designer of those dogs

this is the same designer..... she does cats, other animals and dolls.  I am sure yu would find something you like. … dZViewItem

ebay is always an excelent option … dZViewItem

matilda Matilda Huggington-beare
Posts: 5,551

The Kympatti design for 'Sproket'that Browen has put the link up for is a good one. I've made dogs for most of my family with this pattern.  I put a waggletail mechanism in one of the tails. He wagged his tail to teddybears picnic. hahahha  I also wire jointed the ears on. jointed tails....... opened the mouth.......etc
I can never leave anything alone.    This is a great pattern to work with.

Matilda bear_thumb

Cassieopea Posts: 6


I am also looking for dog patterns! Sorry no idea on breed, all suggestions helpful. UK supplier preferred if possible! Any suggestions as long as its cute!


EvaJ EJ's Crafts
Fort Mohave, Arizona
Posts: 829

I like the supplies and patterns from CRs Craft too.  They are a good starting point for some one just starting to make animals.  I know I don't buy patterns anymore but I do suggest the patterns from there for some of the people I teach to sew.


Merry Calliope Redmond, WA
Posts: 17

I have a Japanese book called "Handmade Dog" (ISBN 4-579-10946-6) which has some excellent patterns. I found it at Kinokuniya books and you might be able to order online through Kinokuniya (I can't remember if their site has an English version).

It really is an incredible book. It has dog patterns of varying difficulties. Some are jointed and others use Loc-Line. It's mostly in Japanese but everything is well illustrated. If one has a firm understanding of basic sewing skills as applied to bear-making then there should be no trouble following the instructions. The illustrations make them  more clear than most English patterns I have! bear_laugh

jenny Three O'clock Bears
warwickshire uk
Posts: 4,413

Yes, I've seen these...they have just  about every breed imaginable in them. They aren't cheap though. I bought one on how to make miniature felt 'cutie' things....never used it though..YET!

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