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elle Ellifolks
Eastern Ma.
Posts: 494

I dyed some mohair pieces with Kool-Aid and got some lovely colors.  I did rinse the pieces afterward with mild soap solution.  They are in plastic baggies waiting to be sewn and when I open the bags, the Kool-Aid smell is pretty strong.  I actually like the smell, but other may not.  Do people wash their Kool-Aid dyed mohair with something special to get the odor out, or does it tend to go away as it is out in the air?

Thanks!  bear_original



eteddys eTeddys
Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 880

I did a series of kool-aid bears years ago.  You do get some really lovely colors.  I never washed my mohair afterwards.  The smell does fade with time.  It's probably just concentrated because it was in a plastic bag. 


ivuska.h Anavy teddy bears
Posts: 153

I would try line drying (in this case drying not the main goal bear_laugh ) the mohair... I'm working with a piece of mohair that smells like some perfume and it's quite irritating because it's quite strong... I've already bought it with the smell... bear_wacko

White Forest White Forest Bears
Southern California
Posts: 556

I tried Kool Aid dying before, and I didn't like the results very much.  Maybe I just wasn't doing it right.

Nancy D Dog Patch Critters
Titusville, FL
Posts: 512

I have used kool aid a number of times. I still have a dog I did in lime green(Frankenwiener) and there is no odor now. It definately fades with time.

Sapphire-Light Posts: 41

I know it dosen't have to do with teddies, but when I dye the hair of my ponies (syntetic  hair or wool) I use shampoo to wash it and most of the smell goes away.

Little Bear Guy Little Bear Guy
Waterloo, Ontario
Posts: 1,395

We have done a number of teddy bears out of Kool Aid , we had fantastic results with it and it was so much fun. We do rinse them a little bit after the dying process but not a lot.  We were left with a mild scent but nothing terrible.  I actually liked the fruity smell , but yes it does go away in time.  I also think because it was in a sealed plastic bag that the odour is concentrated.

big hugs


P.S  Allison I remember your fantastic Kool Aid coloured bears, they were superb and so cute.

elle Ellifolks
Eastern Ma.
Posts: 494

Thanks everyone, for all your help!  bear_original   Yes, I think I will wash them again and then let them out into the air.  I actually love the fruity smell too, Shane.  bear_grin



eatcakevintage Eat Cake! bears and vintage
Ormond Beach, FL
Posts: 242

Yep, as everyone has already said the smell will dissipate. You need to just let the pieces air out. I use vinegar with my koolaid and that smell is a strange one but it does go away after rinsing and air drying. I do at times throw the pieces in the dryer with a dryer sheet.

I also recently discovered that you can get a very nice muted color by either sewing the piece and don't turn it and then dye it in the koolaid. Or you can stitch the piece the size you need together and dye it that way. I just did this on the little pink bear I just completed.

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