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jhorton68 Posts: 9

I was wondering if anyone could help me find out about charges when sending bears abroad, especially to the USA.  I want to send a bear to the US.  Will there be any additional charges on receipt of the bear, e.g. import duty? I will be posting from the UK.
Kind regards in advance

lapousmor Sophie Z'Ours
Sarthe, France
Posts: 2,770

Hi Julia!

Please, as you are new to this forum, tell us a little bit about yourself in the appropriate section of the forum!

Now to try answering to your question, I would be you, I would go to my post office, as they are the best placed to answer you properly.  Maybe they have a website where you would even find your answers.
I know that there can be additional charges for the seller at delivery in some countries but I am sure quite a few people here will be able to explain you.

I can tell you that from Frances, postage can get quite expensive when posting abroad. So before sending a bear, I weigh it, and check how much I will have to pay to add that price the the price of the bear to calculate the full amount.

Keep in mind it will be safer to add insurance to your packqges.

Beary hugs,

jhorton68 Posts: 9

Thank you for your reply.  I did ask at my local post office but they didn't seem to know and referred me to our national postal service website.  I have done some searching on the Internet and I think as long as it is for personal and not commercial use, it should be classed as an informal entry and should not require additional costs but if anyone out there knows anything different I would appreciate the information.

suejennings TeddyBuys
Posts: 1,154

Hi Julia

You should be able to send bears from the UK as 'International signed for' or 'Airsure'.  I prefer Airsure as the package can be  insured and is tracked end to end.  It isn't cheap.  A 16 inch bear usually costs about £22 - £24.  I think the cost is based on weight and possibly box size.  There is also a limit on the size of box.  Go to the Royal Mail website.  Search for Airsure and look at the conditions and tariffs.  Make sure you use a REALLY sturdy box that is firmly packed and cannot collapse inward.   The boxes can get very battered on their journey.
Hope this helps. 



jhorton68 Posts: 9

Hi Sue
Thanks for that info. It was really useful and I've since checked it out and I've decided to go with Airsure as it seems the best option.

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

I live in the US and I have never had to pay in import tax.  I do think there may be one, but I have gotten things into this country as high as $500.00 and never paid a cent.  It is always the buyers responsibility to pay that tax.


rkr4cds Creative Design Studio (RKR4CDS)
suburban Chicago
Posts: 2,044

Nope - we don't have any 'Customs' tax here in the US.
So your 'person' here in the US won't have to pay anything and your pkg will be delivered exactly as you sent it, by mail or whatever, without being expected to pay anything to pick it up.

jhorton68 Posts: 9

Thanks to everyone who posted.  I have since sorted it out and I feel alot more happy sending outside of the EU.  The information was really useful.
Many thanks

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