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tuppies teddies Tuppies Teddies
Lindenow, Central Gippsland
Posts: 1,969

I just love my laminater.   When I have completed the drafting and tweaking of my patterns I laminate them and store them in a plastic sleeved folder.

They are named, but they do get mixed up a lot as I will use a body pattern from one, arms and legs from another and of course the head from another.

This gives me something to do on a rainy day...... re-sort my patterns.. bear_innocent

Dilu Posts: 8,574

My Rickster came up with a fab idea....and I am now doing it.

I put my pattern in a one of those brown envelopes, large ones and small ones?  Then I print up a small piccy of the gollty I made from it.  And tape the piccy to the outside of the envelope.

I mean, how many different ways can i do a golly?  But I am forever forgetting was Golly with nose 1ug 2005 the one i want or was it September 2006?  Sheesh...

The picture thing helps me remember:

OH YEAH  That one sold!!!!  lets do it again!!!

bearlady13 Posts: 177

I scan my pattern into my computer, then print them out.  I paste the printed pattern pieced to Plastic. I have used plastic Ice cream bucket lids, or even gift cards, etc. I put a picture of the bear and a picture of the pattern in a notebook with document  protectors. Then I also put the pattern pieces, I have cut out of the plastic, into zip lock bags and place them into the document protector. I will have to remember to also put name and sample of the material I use in there to. I only make mini bears so this is easy for me to find the ones I want quickly.

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

I love this idea.   I use those plastic protectors for so many of my other craft patterns, I don't know how I didn't think of this.


lovenshire Love and Cuddle Nursery
Posts: 945

I use the document protecters too.  I also put a picture of the bear I made with the pattern in and on the back I put a list of materials so I can scan it over and see what I need.

kallie214 Friends "Fur" Life Bears
Gig Harbor, WA.
Posts: 1,534

*laughing* Mine are simply drawn out on paper, then I use clear packing tape over the top of them and clip each pattern together and throw 'em in a drawer...occasionally I will lable them and make notes on the pattern, but for the most part I am a disorganized mess....but hey, it works for me!!!

You guys all have these elaborate systems...I am so envious, but to be honest, it would mess me up to be that organized!

Bear Hugs,


desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

Right now I keep them in large manila envelopes.  On the front I write the bears name and I list all of the joint and eye sizes I used.  Also any other notes about what I would like to change for the next time I use it.

tcfolk TC Folk Originals
Tempe, AZ
Posts: 1,553

I have two basic patterns in various sizes.  I have a 2 body short muzzle and and a 4 body longer muzzle.  These are scanned into the computer in all the various sizes and saved to a disk.  When I am designing a new bear, and have chosen the size, I print the pattern I want from the disk.  I can then make all the changes for the new bear on the printed copy; longer or fatter body, shorter legs and longer arms, wider or narrower gusset, etc.  I usually keep the altered pattern with the rest of the paper work for the completed bear and file it in folders in a file drawer.  For me this is the best of two worlds:  patterns in a computer and patterns in file drawers!  bear_thumb

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