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Little Nan Posts: 233

I wonder if anyone could give me any tips on how to get a button type nose instead of just a flat one ?
I have read that some people stuff them but I don't want a really protruding one just one that has some shape and not just lying dead flat even though I have done about 4 layers  of embroidery !
Maybe some felt underneath ? I'm really new to bear making so sorry if I've asked a really stupid question !!
Nan bear_rolleyes

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

No such thing as a stupid question! A lot of people do glue a piece of felt to the (hair-free) fabric as a template, and that does give a bit of bulk, but I'm wondering where you're embroidering the nose... (maybe you could post a photo?) some people place the nose almost entirely on top of the gusset, which (I think) gives a flatter nose. Mine are partly on the gusset and partly below it, and pulling the embroidery floss fairly tight pulls the top and bottom of the nose area toward one another, and gives a rounded shape. (I'll insert a photo to see it it's what you had in mind.)


Little Nan Posts: 233

Ah , right , got you Becky !
I do put the  nose part on gusset and part below , but the thing about pulling on the thread certainly makes sense , and I definitely haven't been doing that, if anything mine is a little slack !
What a brilliant place this is !
Thank you so much Becky ! Can't wait to get going on the next bear now , trouble is my fingers are getting decidedly sorer ! Think I'll have to invest in protection of some sort !
There is so much to learn , not least all the intricacies of uploading photos as I'm a complete technophobe, its a miracle I've even managed to post on here!!
Thanks again !!

Nan bear_flower

Nancy D Dog Patch Critters
Titusville, FL
Posts: 512

I don't embroider noses because I was never good at it. These days I needle felt them. But I know of some artist that needle felt a small rounded nose first then embroider over it to give it some shape.

Little Nan Posts: 233

I'm afraid needlefelting is a way off for me just yet, I'm really very new to bear making, but I would love to learn how to do it !
I get excited at the moment if my bears actually resemble bears ! lol.
I am just about to finish my third bear, and so far I'm quite pleased as I've used my own pattern, needs tweeking a little but its a start.
When its finished I'll attempt to put a  pic up , but thats another challenge !

Thank you everyone for taking the time to pass on those very useful tips.
Big hugs to you !! bear_wub

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021
Nan wrote:

There is so much to learn , not least all the intricacies of uploading photos

No worries - You're not alone there. If you go to the Technical Help section, there are some permanent notes at the top ("Stickies"), and the 7th one in the list is about uploading photos. There's a size limit, so that may be the trickiest part if you don't know how to re-size photos. (You can always post a question there for Quy, our webmaster. He's a tech wizard who can still communicate with ordinary mortals. bear_laugh )


Little Nan Posts: 233

Thank you yet again Becky ! Your technical wizard will certainly have his work cut out dealing with me thats for sure !!
Nan bear_grin

rowarrior The Littlest Thistle
Posts: 6,212

I use a felt template as the base of my noses, mine are sewn barely on the gusset, and mostly on the main head bit.  When I'm sewing I start at the centre and work outwards, and make sure I have no overlapping threads on the layer I'm working on.  It takes practice, and it's fiddly, but it will come  bear_original

tcfolk TC Folk Originals
Tempe, AZ
Posts: 1,553

I also use a template of ultrasuede that I have fitted to the shape of the nose.  Then I do a horizontal stitching of firm but not tight stitches.  If you pull the stitches too tight over a template, the template can buckle and make waves in the finished nose.  After the horizontal stitches, I needle sculpt the nose to the shape I want it.  Then the last stitching is vertical.  Like Becky, I embroider partly on the gusset and partly below it, and like Katy, I start the final vertical in the center.

Little Nan Posts: 233

Thank you everyone for the input ! I'll certainly give them all a go ! :thumbsup:
Nan xx

margauxrodriguez Rodriguez
Chicago, IL
Posts: 5

I always take time with the bear nose. After all, it is one of the bear’s most obvious features. Beginners and experienced bear makers know the frustration of embroidering that perfect nose. It is a pain, but take the time to unpick it if you are unhappy, and do it again, it will make a big difference to the look of you bear! Just have the patience to do so...

jenny Three O'clock Bears
warwickshire uk
Posts: 4,413

I use a little lozenge of apoxie resin which I stitch over . It's easy and means I don't get hairs poking up through the stitching. The only trouble is you do need to wait ill the apoxie goes off and is hard enough to stitch over . I have been playing with various other things and I have used poly-form pellets which are plastic pellets that melt in hot water ...that goes off really fast and you can just create the shape with your fingers and sew over it's hard in half a minute. I am thinking the possibilites for this are endless since you can add pigment to colour i am thinking eyelids...claws.....ooooohhh ! i am not the first to use this method but it does work and the nice thing is if you make a little mold to press your clay/plastic forms into each nose could be the same. I dont do that as I  am not into my bears  all looking identical like in a production line..I just do each one to fit the muzzle.
I have also used a type of dental clay that also melts in hot water...that was less successful as it takes too long to harden off.

All Bear All Bear by Paula
Posts: 5,162

Hi Nan, I wrote a nose embroidery tutorial a few years ago ... it might help.  It's based on just two layers of embroidery and would work well with a template too ... … -nose.html

Little Nan Posts: 233

Thank you all !!
I never cease to marvel at all the tips and techniques you all have on here , but it just makes me realise all the learning I have to do !
Also I feel I would like to be able to offer some really useful advice eventually.... But in reality it's going to be a long wait folks, but be sure if I do get a moment of inspiration , you all will be first to know about it ... But don't hold your breath will you !
Nan bear_flower  bear_wub

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