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Unknownshot Posts: 1

I found this old looking bear.i dont know much about it at all except I see that it says A and L novelty company. But as i look around i do not see anything about this bear nor do i see any for sale. I see small bears with simular eyes but no where near this size it is 36 to 40 inches tall Probally and im not seeing any of this color actually.  Could any one tell me anything about it? Is it a rare one from that comp? Or a display or something? Any idea of value or rareity and year it would of been made. My guess from what i see in the small bears were made 1960s but this is by far tbe largest that i have seen or been able to find with out any references on internet to compare it to. Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks all

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 5,888

Do a search for "vintage carnival teddy bear" and view the images. You'll see a lot of your bears' relatives.  bear_original


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