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Cosette Lai Posts: 19

Hi. Long Time haven't post my teddy. Here is Littileo. I found problem of creating balancing face & nose. Anyone can suggest a better way for getting a balance of face & nose when doing needle sculpting? Thanks!


dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 5,849

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Hi Cosette,

I think the bear is very cute.  bear_happy  I'm not sure what you mean by balance when needle-sculpting. Could you describe your process and what is happening?


Cosette Lai Posts: 19

Sorry for my very very late reply as I was occupied by other issues.
It means that my bear face always look one side bigger than the others. I found the problem may be stemmed from filling the cotton. However, I only discovered it when the nose was finished or the eyes were set .... It's still very difficult for me to make left side face as big as the right side ......

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