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ADVERTISE on Teddy Talk

Banner ads are available for approved advertisers of services and goods relating to the Teddy Bear Community. This includes bear artists.

Banner ads for products, services and web sites competing with our sponsor, Intercal Trading Group, will not be accepted. All banner ads are subject to approval by the system Administrator.

A banner will periodically be featured on the main page, and be displayed randomly throughout the site. A banner will be listed under one category of the Sponsors listing.

$20.00 for a 6 months term.
$35.00 for a 1 year term.

Dimensions of banner:
468x72 pixels (6.5x1 inch) @ 72 dpi in jpg/gif/png format and file size less than 250 KB. Banner and one line company description to be provided by advertiser.

PayPal only.

Quy Ton

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