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Past Time Bears - Artist bears designed and handcrafted by Sue Ann Holcomb
Shelli Makes - Teddy bears & other cheerful things by Shelli Quinn


Oh my gosh that little red one on the right is just ADORABLE. Also the big scrumptious looking brown bear in the back - all of them are just so beautiful. Classic All Bear! You make them so perfect Paula!


I have actually always loved your bear business name Wubbie - it's perfect for the beautiful pieces you create - this bearmaking thing is a very complex medium and you've done an amazing job with it!


I adore the scrumptious brown/cinnamon bear to the left with the curly wurly hair and that adorable knit ascot!!


You know, I had an inkling I was missing a library post - thanks so much Sue Ann!!

And thanks Becky - I think I'm a Victorian chick trapped in a modern world. I love the internet and all new technology but what I wouldn't give for a simpler time where I could spend all day sewing! bear_happy I do love steam-punk though....and just by making me think with those questions I have some ideas. You're the best! XDD


Hey everyone! So, I've realized that there is another bear maker by the name of URSA Minor (and there may even be more than one) - of course, this name is hardly original so I'm looking to re-brand before I start really making and selling my bears.

I'd prefer not to use my name in the title as my name is not very memorable. But I was hoping ya'll might be able to help me brainstorm some clever names as I'm quite at a loss! Thanks for the help in advance bear_original


I don't have many "in my home" pics of my bears, but the only Steiff i currently and proudly own is Strauss the Rattle Bear: Steiff%20Strauss%20the%20rattle%20bear.jpg. I also have a ted I "made" at the Vermont Teddybear Factory when we visited (they let you stuff a skin and accessorize it) with a checkered tie so I named him Charlie. I also have an unnamed jointed bear I got from a yard sale, and one VERY loved Gund bear from my childhood. bear_original


I'd take him with me everywhere! Enjoy him - I am sure he will love his new home - he's had a long trip! bear_original

Dreli-Bears wrote:

And what's about me in Austria???? I'm living a bit too far away from NY - can I join in anyway??????  bear_rolleyes  :dance:  :dance:  :crackup:

Oh I wish I could extend the offer outside of my home state! But if there's ever a particular issue you're looking for, I can get it to you through my access at least bear_original


14 joints! Good gosh that's a fully articulated bear - amazing!!


Thank you so much for all these beautiful photos! This looks like it was quite the event and there are so many teddies up there that I would have loved to take home! :)

It's also very nice to see how folks set up some of their tables - its very inspirational to those who might want to show someday!


Hey everyone. I just found out that the New York Public Library has a library subscription to Teddy Bears & Friends. That means anyone who is a member of the New York Public Library gets access for free! They have issues from 1996 all the way up to the current issue. If you live anywhere in NY state, you can get a library card for free and then get access for free.

For those that have a NYPL card and would like free access to Teddy Bears & Friends, follow these instructions:

1. Go to

2. At the top of the page, click "Find Books, DVDs and More".

3. Click "Articles and Databases".

4. On the left hand side of the webpage, click "Find e-Journals by Title".

5. If you're at home, click "Full Text Journals (From Home)." If you happen to be using a computer any ANY branch of the NYPL system (Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx) click "Full Text Journals (on-site in the Library)."

6. Type in "Teddy Bears" or just "Teddy" into the search bar. The journal will come up as a result.

7. Click the link for "MasterFILE Premier" - this is the database that provides the journal. Once there, you will see all the years available on the right hand side of the page. Just click any of them to view - you can download any article .pdf or an HTML file, or you can email the file to yourself.

Pretty neat huh! The New York Public Library is an amazing resource! bear_original


You made the sweetest bears, I swear! Look at that smile bear_original You make the neatest little noses, too. I am sure she will just love him - all your bears just love to travel, there's no question about it bear_original


Beautiful beautiful bears! And quite a number - how many do you make for a show on average? bear_original Best wishes for the show, I hope all these sweet faces find their homes!

dangerbears wrote:

Count me in!

Awesome!! I'm going to try to do an extinct one too maybe - I've always been utterly charmed by the bear-dog (Amphicyonidae) family myself! Either that or maybe a sun bear....


...I see a challenge headed for me! I checked through the challenge gallery and this forum and I didn't manage to see this one done before. Inspired by Kelly and others more "realistic" bears, here's my challenge:

Make a realistic bear (or a bear inspired by realism). It can be any species of bear (even extinct species!) but it must resemble an actual species and have realistic colors. The challenge is to make it look more realistic than your average teddy (while still being creative and interesting of course!).

Here's some bear species, in case you're stumped:
Asiatic Black Bear: asiaticblackbearsmaller.png
Black Bear: blackbearsmaller.png
Brown Bear: brownbearsmaller.png
Polar Bear: polarsmaller.png
Sloth Bear: slothsmaller.png
Spectacled Bear: spectacledsmaller.png
Sun Bear: sunbearsmaller.png

Extinct species of bear (obviously a little more imagination is required with these!):
Ailuropoda microta
Arctodus simus
Bear dog
Cave bear
Dwarf Panda
Hemicyonidae ("dog-bear")
Kolponomos newportensis
MacFarlane's Bear (disputed)

Good challenge? Anyone into it? bear_original


Beautiful! How in the world did you get his muzzle and the tops of his eyes lighter like that? Amazing!!

thondra wrote:

i made a few testbears with "affenhaut" translated monkeyskin, dunno what the right name in english
its easy to work with because it doesnt stretch, and doesnt fray

the shown teddy is about 30cm high, with bad joints bear_laugh
(i will fix the joints and make a  tatoo teddy out of it some day)

Very cute! Thanks for sharing this, very helpful!

ArtHeart wrote:

Here are a few pics of past commissions.

nancy t

Ah! Those are fantastic!! You really used the garment itself so artistically, I can't get over it. That army bear is to die for. I love how you used the jean seam on the top of the denim bear's head. Adorbs. This is definitely helpful, as is the info about the "wet cats", so thank you! I'd love to see people's "test" bears sometime, I think that'd be very interesting.

I went out and bought some velveteen type material with no stretch that doesn't fray much and it has a cotton backing, like mohair. I bought a yard so I could mess up with it but it will still make a nice bear.

dangerbears wrote:

I made Blanket from an old woolen baby blanket, and I love the way he turned out. bear_flower


Oh man I love him. That is fantastic, I love that it was a woolen baby blanket! bear_laugh He looks very cuddly indeed!


Has anyone on this forum created a mohair-less bear? That is, a bear made from non-furred fabrics. Cotton, twill, etc.

I'm making a bear without fur for now since mohair is expensive and I am not quite ready to use a pricier synthetic instead of fine mohair. I love the pattern I've got going but I need to test it - I'd also like a nice looking bear though!

Anyone have any examples I could look at for inspiration? I googled it but the artist bears here are (of course!) so much prettier than the manufactured bears made out of fabric for companies. You all really know how to make the best looking bears I've ever seen :)

Any help and examples would be much appreciated! I'm worried my fabric bear will come out boring or not cuddly looking! (velvet and velveteen bears count too!)


Hey teddypals! I just found out that Steiff created a bear called the "mourning bear" in order to commemorate and share sympathy for the victims of the Titanic. Only 500 bears were originally released, and they look like this:


It is said their eyes were rimmed red to appear as if they had been crying. They were also manufactured with a somber expression.

I thought this was incredibly sweet and a wonderful idea - while the Titanic was an extreme tragedy, I feel like gifting someone a "mourning bear" would be a really thoughtful (if somewhat sad!) gesture if they had someone who might have passed on or might need some sympathy from a stuffed friend.

Just thought I'd share as I thought it was a neat discovery!


Thanks for all the help everyone - I will have to look into all the book recommendations! The "Well Dressed Bear" looks fantastic - And thanks for the website, vera, those are some cute sweaters! bear_original


Three parter question for all of you:

1.) What size of baby clothes generally fits a 10" and 22" bear? 

2.) It is hard for me to visualize teddy sizes in my head until I start sewing and they wind up being smaller than I'd like. I'd want to make a teddy that a child or adult can cuddle and carry in their arms; I've found the 10"-15" is rather on the small end for this. Would that be more a 22"-25" bear?

3.) Does anyone here on Teddy Talk sell bear clothes? I'd love to get an idea of what's out there.

Thanks for all your help in advance! Teddyhugs~

Zagzagael wrote:

Both sound strong and fun, Becky!

I don't think I'm ready in my....uh, two bear experience to take on a real-world inspiration but I would certainly cheer on those who want to rise to that challenge.

Colors being Cranked Up sounds like a fantastically reachable challenge to me!

I think you and I have a lot in common, including perhaps the fabric our bears are made of! I'm also just as experienced as you with two whole teeny bears made haha.


I've found most air drying clay to be not durable - HOWEVER there are clays out there which air dry and are FANTASTIC to use, and extremely durable. I'd try the following:

Epoxie clay
Epoxie sculpt

They dry incredibly hard and are easy and not messy to work with. You do have to work a bit fast as they are air-drying though. From there you can sand or paint the material as you like - sanding will not make this stuff fall apart. You can get these two clays for a great price at most taxidermy supply shops; I get mine from Van Dyke's taxidermy supply:

(to give you an idea of what can be made with this stuff, I made a werewolf mask for myself for halloween last year. The nose, face sculpting under the felt and the teeth are all made with epoxy clay/sculpt: th_werewolfcompilation.jpg)


Thanks everyone! That's all super helpful info - I guess I'll have to start collecting some joints and working from there! It's good to know that the measurements are pretty much 'don't fill up the whole arm with the joint' kind of business.

And I'm curious as DO you joint without discs? If I could cut out that part of the process, I'd be a happy bearmaker. I hate waiting for things to come in the mail! I want to have them now! ;D


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