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Yep, is Piglet from Pooh  bear_smile  the pattern reflects more his old design style in the books.  bear_thumb


foto-554.jpgThis is Piglet! he is 5" tall  bear_wub

I made him from a old patter I got, this is one of my first try at aging I hope it didn't came out bad.






Hi I have some questions

I want to buy some lock nut joints from intercal but the selection is a bit confusing for me  :redface:

I have used a lock nut set from bearycheap a 30 mm size, I remenber that in the kit the disk and screw for the head was bigger.

I want to get disks of the same sizes of the kit, but the selection on intercal has diferent hole sizes, and I don't know wish hole size to pick or the size of screws, bolts and washers  :redface:

Also what is the difference in length of fabric 1/4 yard and 1/3 yard?


Sigh.. bad news.

Since the hide was dirty, my father washed it soaking it with detergent before I could tell him about the cleaning methods in that link.  bear_wacko

I know he was just trying to help, sadly the hide now can't be used to make the bear  since is now very stiff and can't even bend.  :doh:

Oh well, at least the hair is still on the hide (the hair is still soft)  , I don't want to trow it away, I guess it can made a nice carpet now.  bear_sad


Thanks a lot for the suggestions everyone  bear_thumb  , the book sounds interesting.

Yes Melissa it is a tanned hide, I'm goin to be carefull with it thanks.



I was wondering if I just use it like a mohair fabric or I have to treat it different?  bear_wacko


Hi! my father is a farmer and he bring me a ram hide he had, since he knows I love to make plushies.

I never had tried making something with real pelt, only with mohair,

So I need some tips, I don't want to ruin the pelt because my inexperience with them  bear_sad

Here's the hide (it need a wash) , I'm thinking on making a polar bear  bear_wub




He turned cool  :clap:  , and the mohair is perfect for him.


foto-041.jpgThis is my second try at the Goldie patter by SueAnn  bear_flower

I got a great feathered faux , this is my first time working with this type of fur and also my first time using wooden disks.

I called the bear Noel, I like how he turned out.  bear_wub







Wonderfull work  :clap:

The color is exquisite!!  bear_wub

The expretion on the face is very cute!


Wow what a cutie!!  I can hear him signing alredy  :dance:

Very creative idea! the wig is a great detail  :clap: the glases, piano and the boa fits him perfect!


Thank you everyone so mush for the tips  bear_thumb they are helpfull.


Wow!! is  very cute!! great work on the sculpt and the colors  bear_thumb

How long is the hair?


foto-025.jpgI just finished Tigger!  bear_wub

I whanted Tigger that could resemble more the original plush, so I used a vintage pattern I got online, I only changed the material to mohair and the whiskers is horse hair.

I'm not clompleatly happy with the stripes they didn't came like I wanted  bear_cry  'cause I don't have too mush experience with mohair, but the plush is not that bad.




Hi all  bear_wub

I have some problems with a faux frabric, you see is my first time working on a feathered fabric, this one has a 2" pile and the hair is very fine and thin, the hair is very flat and only goes in one direction (down)

But I don't know how I can cut the pieces whitout cutting too mush of the hair and leaving a mess of hair over the house.  bear_cry

Of the other fabrics I brush it on the oposite direction, it helps a bit, but I stilll leave bald areas on the pieces.


Really great work, and he is so tiny!!  he look vere vintage and aged great work  :clap:


foto-005.jpgThis is my first try with mohair fabrics  :dance:

I wanted a pink Eeyoree, since I have a sky blue, a white and a cream with gold.

So I desided to make one with a McCalls patter I got online , I'm pleased with the results, mohair look and feels really good, I used raw mohair for the mane and tail, the eyes are enbroided.




Ahh!! he's so adorable   bear_wub , beautiful fabric too


Thank you so mush guys  bear_wub

I'm goin to make more plushies.  bear_laugh


Dic-08-010.jpgI stared making plushies back in '95 after my heart operation I learned to make them from magazines, they relaxed me in those time of stress and pain.

But I left the activity in '98 when we moved from our old house and the box that had most of my hand made plushies (including some unfinished ones) and some of the materials too , my dad mistake it with a box of old clothes and it was given to the workers of his farm >-> So I never saw them again.

I'm not greedy, but most of those plushies wheren't child safe, beacause they didn't had washer in the eyes or nose, I hope no one had an accident with them.

Well, back to the present, i resenlty felt the need to make plushies again, so I searshed info in the net and find this great site

I tried the Goldie patter for making COTTON CANDY THE BEAR!!!! named after the my little pony LOL, she is done with faux fur and permanet makers.

Is the first time I use joints, I like how posable she is.

What do you think of the bear???? after 10 years without making them, I think I did it OK. My sister says she looks like she came out of a Tim Burton flim XD



Thanks for the suggestions!!!  :clap:

They worked very well,  problem is solved now.  bear_wub


HI, I have another question.

I jointed the head of the bear but is not too firm, and the bear nods and the head is a bit loose. a little.

I used the tecnique to joint it like it was in the web link above … nting.html.

I don't have experience with this, Is the first time I use joints  :(

Maybe is the joint size of the plasement of the joint under the head?



I suppose I have to glue the disk to the fabric inside of the limb? and the other part inside of the body and later add the washer?

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