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Ashleigh, made from premium Steiff-Schulte dense, curly, tipped kid mohair in a cream base with smokey grey tip.


'P. Carling' made from hand dyed German mohair using the inspiration of Muskoka in the summer when creating the abstract design (blue waters; green trees; granite rock of the Canadian Shield; bright sunshine).

He is 16in and is available:


Margarete Steiff, a seamstress who in 1880 began making stuffed animals in Giengan German.  Her first designs were given to friends or sold as pincushions.

She is adorned with an antique collar (circa 1880).  Her glasses are resting on her leg but could easily be worn.  The pincushion features a traditional coloured bear head on a bear tapestry base.


Provo - the 2nd in a series of Caribbean inspired hand dyed teddies has just been listed … form-mcnav


U MATTER is a unique teddy bear made from hand dyed mohair in support of Suicide Prevention Awareness. He is 12in/30cm in height.

The German mohair was hand dyed in an abstract design of purple and turquois.
He has matching merino wool foot and paw pads; is 5-way jointed; has German glass eyes and filled with polyester stuffing and a small amount of steel shot for good posture.

The inspiration in this design was to bring awareness and provide hope to those suffering that recovery is possible.


Turquois waters; sandy beaches; warm sun. Inspiration for the hand dyed German mohair.

MoBay is 14in/36cm in height and is made from hand dyed German mohair in turquois/coral/sand/yellow colours.

He is 5way jointed; has German glass eyes; cashmere foot and paw pads and filled with polyester stuffing and a small amount of steel shot for good posture.

His personal supply of sea shells are included.


A traditional polar bear has just been listed on

For the holiday season he is wearing a hand knit red scarf!


The temperature is cooling and the leaves are changing colour.  This is the inspiration of the second in a series of unique one of a kind teddies hand dyed in the spectacular fall colours of the Muskoka Region of Central Ontario.

He is available for sale on


Everyone wants World Peace.  This special teddy is made from multi-coloured Steiff-Schulte mohair.
Teddy is now available for purchase on


Now listed on

He has his sailboat ready for launch and includes the lighthouse to guide him home after a day on the water.


I use a small amount of steel shot with every bear as I want them to have good posture and 'sit up straight'!
I put a small amount of polyester stuffing in the bear and then add steel shot and then more polyester stuffing.
I have never use the small bag.
Usually no problem with closing the seams (however, the odd piece of steel shot might try and escape!
Hope this helps.


I am pleased to introduce Trapper a distinctive one of a kind bear. He is approximately 13 inches (33cm) tall measured from the head to the foot pad.

Trapper is made from ratinee - teased Steiff-Schulte German mohair in a light tan colour with brown backing. He has black German glass eyes and cashmere foot and paw pads. He is five way locknut jointed and has polyester stuffing and a small amount of steel shot in the body to give him good posture.

To complete his outfit, he is wearing a hand-knit scarf and holding a pair of snowshoes.

Please note Trapper is a collector item and is therefore not suitable for those under the age of 14 years.


RUFUS - A new creation from Judith Sword for UX'BEARies has just been posted on Bear Pile


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