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ThReAdTeDs - Traditional, crochet, fiber, patterns, supplies by Berta Hesen-Minten
Past Time Bears - Artist bears designed and handcrafted by Sue Ann Holcomb


Teddy Bears & Pals

'Flutterpuff' by Wee Beary Tails SOLD

Feb 28, 2019

Simon by Budlina SOLD

Feb 27, 2019

Bruno by BFB-Lyn SOLD

Feb 24, 2019

Lion 'Gruff' by Wee Beary Tails

Feb 23, 2019

'Love Bones' by Wee Beary Tails

Jan 28, 2019

Alex by BFB-Lyn SOLD

Jan 24, 2019

Aini by Zorka SOLD

Jan 3, 2019

Kinky by Zorka SOLD

Jan 2, 2019

Koto by Sarah J SOLD

Dec 23, 2018

Sorano by Sarah J SOLD

Dec 23, 2018


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