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Gail P Walnut Tree Corner Bears By Gail
Posts: 167

I like the name Sage, it is unusual and I don't think I have heard it as a girls name here before. My daughters are Rebecca Marie (marie is my mothers name) and Nathalie Josephine (Josephine is my MIL)Rebecca is usually called Becky or Bex for short and Nathalie (silent H , its just the French way of spelling it, and loads of people miss it out) is known as Natty or Nat for short, I also like the girls names Freya, Lily and Fern. Thats odd they are all a bit flowery but my daughters names aren't....strange. They never had the mickey taken out of their first names, but our surname is Parsons so they used to get "Parsons Nose" or "Parsnip"
One of my Father's tricks is to turn everybodys names backwards, that sometimes comes out really weird. I am Liag Snosrap ( a very odd surname LOL) so I have Acceber and the unpronouncable Eilahtan ! LOL

kim "a bear by kim"
Posts: 2,401

i had my 1st daughters name when i was about 11 yrs old... katie, after my mum but when my 2nd came along she was nameless for over a week, we finaly agreed on evie grace.
good luck with the pending arrival xxx

Laurie Laurie Lou Bears
Posts: 3,246

I like traditional names myself but I think it will help to have a name like Sage that is easy to say and spell.I find it so annoying with my name when people have never been able to spell it or read it out properly.I also had a hard to pronounce surname and when I was at school there was always a long pause when the teacher got to my name until they could hopefully read it out properly without getting it wrong-and most of the time they did get it wrong bear_sad
You might decide once you see your daughter what to name her as sometimes a name doesn't seem to suit even though you had set your heart on it.My daughters name was already chosen before I had her yet with one of my sons names hubby and I still couldn't agree on his middle name when it was time to register him and he ended up with 2 middle names bear_tongue
Laurie :hug:

psichick78 Flying Fur Studios
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 3,073

Wow, thanks guys. I've had a great chuckle and some of you have some really good ideas. I'm going to get Tony to read this thread. What fun to have you all on my side! LOL  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:

It's not easy and I know we'd better pick out some boy names just in case. I just heard the name Lex and I love it, and Tony and I both like Kale-(Kail). But that you have to explain how to spell so I still prefer sage.

Thanks again for all the advice, I'll totally let you know what we pick. I also agree with some of you that we might need to see the baby's face before we decide.

thumperantiques Newcastle, Ontario
Posts: 5,642

Hi Tony!
     Nice to meet you!  There are definitely a lot of things to consider when picking a name for a new baby - after all that poor wee tyke is going to be saddled with it for life LOL!  It's interesting how people view thing differently - I steered away from names with the same consonant as our last name (Power).  My favourite boys name was Patrick but when put with Power, not so much, and I didn't like the shortened version of Pat.
     You could consider a name with a "K" in it instead of at the beginning - maybe that's another way of meeting your criteria.  I'm not pushing any names, but an example is a name like Rebecca has the "K" sound and could also be shortedned to Becca or Becky.  My daughter and son-in-law were really into names that could be made into "nicknames" like Charlotte = Charlie, Alison = Ali etc and they also loved Cassandra (Cassie) and Mackenzie (Mack) - another "K" sound.  They settled on Corson for our grandson - can't really be shortened, but it's different and I can't imagine him being called anything else. 
    You two will figure it out - and sometimes when you actually look at the baby, the name won't seem to fit.  I had friends that never picked a name until AFTER the baby was born.  Anyway, have fun and don't forget to try saying it sternly, so you will know how it sounds when they misbehave  :crackup:  :crackup:   Good luck!



PS:  I really do LOOOVE Sage!

edie Bears by Edie
Southern Alberta
Posts: 2,068

Hi Tony,
that is so great to see you so involved in choosing your child's name! I still think "Kassia Sage Klokocka" would make a great name! Or what about "Alyssa Sage Klokocka" - she would have the initials "ASK"!!!

kathytaylor Ruby Mountain Bears
Northern Nevada, USA
Posts: 1,467

Okay my friends daugther is named Chandra, in ancient sanskrit it means 'moon brighter than the stars' which I think is really cool to know what the name means too!
I love the names you chose Camelia is nice too, Cami for short. Kids always seem to pick up nick names when they are babies. Lots of them never have anything to do with thier name, More personality.
I thnk you are on the right track!!

patsylakebears Patsy Lake Bears
Posts: 3,442

Hi Heather and Toni it is lovely to see Dad taking so much intrest in naming the baby. I love the name Cassandra but like Brenda I like the name Mackenzie good luck I am sure you will settle on a name as soon as she is born. bear_original

Marlys Waggle Bears
So Cal Desert
Posts: 4,089

Heather, quite coincidentally while you were discussing baby names with everyone, we were having some remodeling work going on. Our electrician was the cutest 29 year old named Luke, but he looked about 15. He was here for several days in and out so we talked quite a bit. He has two young girls...the 2 year old is named


, and the 3 month old is named Sailor. His wife's name is Sierra. I thought you'd be interested. And have you decided on a name yet?

psichick78 Flying Fur Studios
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 3,073

Interesting Marlys....Funny how I've also noticed people named sage more now. I saw a kid (a boy) on America's got talent named sage as well. Just watch, it'll be this year's most popular baby name! LOL

I think we've decided on Kail. We both like it, it's short and hopefully by next year no-one will know we got it off the show Big Brother! LOL

It's tough to let go of Sage though........maybe for the next kid!!!

KiddoBears KiddoBears
Posts: 851

My girls & grand-daughters name are Marcela,Elizabeth,Norma,Jazmine,Jaylene,Janelle,Kazundra,Natalia,Velinda,Yesenia,Jessica.Michelly,Duoanna,Xchochil,Whindelle,Katia,Alejandra Karima,But there are so many beautiful names out there for a girl. If you are not sure there are books on just Baby snames for boys and girls and you can take your time and choose from there. :hug:  :hug:

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