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All Bear All Bear by Paula
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For bears created by yourself:

How about "designed and hand made by ....." on the hangtag.

Or, "an original (insert name) design."

By the way, I often refer to myself as a bear crafter and all my bears are made from my own original patterns.  I just don't like the term 'bear artist' particularly.

Doll patterns tend to give blanket approval for selling the made up dolls, subject to stating who owns the copyright to the pattern ie., "a (insert pattern designer's name) pattern, interpreted and hand made by (insert maker's name)."

Generally speaking, artist designed bear patterns tend not to give approval for commercial use.

A bear made from a pattern designed by yourself will gain you the most credibility as a bear artist selling your work in the teddy bear collectibles market.

If you create bears to sell from a commercially available pattern which permits the made up items to be sold, I would think it best to state who created the original pattern and that you are the maker of that bear, so that collectors are not mislead into thinking you are the designer of the original concept.

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