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lulubears Posts: 280

I have almost all of the older issues, up to and including the latest one that has come out of both Bear Creations and Dolls, Bears & Collectibles.  If anyone is interested in obtaining copies, please email me privately and I will get back to you.


teeeej Brisbane
Posts: 623

Mine arrived in the mail today. Hopefully the next one will be in three months and not six.

Tatty Bears South Australia
Posts: 305


Now the questions are:

Is there a back issue with it?

And was it worth the wait??

teeeej Brisbane
Posts: 623

No back issue for me as I have a subscription. Not that I need any more back issues - I have a huge stack I got mostly from ebay. Got quite a surprise when I found a picture of my sister at the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair in this issue.

BFB-Lyn Brimbin Forest Bears
NSW, Australia
Posts: 2,734

bear_thumb I also got my ABC yesterday too! I subscribe so no back issues for me either. I wouldn't be surprised if this magazine disappears coz I reckon the long delay is because they are struggling to put content into the magazine as over the years it does seemed to have been getting worse  bear_ermm

Tatty Bears South Australia
Posts: 305

Well it not in the shops yet, how long before do you get it if you subscribe than the shops?
It's not suppose to be out until the 14th.

I do hope that they don't finished as I have only just discovered this magazine. I got the last issue of dolls bears and collectables but there isn't many bear patterns in it.

What other magazines are out there for bear makers?

Fairybear Wagga Wagga
Posts: 346

I wonder why they are struggling for content though?  Aren't there a lot of artists out there who would like the exposure?  I don't know how magazines work but there is obviously demand for it - I buy every issue. Although I agree it looks like it may be on its last legs, which would be a real shame. bear_noexpression

karenaus Melbourne
Posts: 694

IMHO, I don't think it's lack of content- Susan Leigh Is doing a wonderful job chasing up projects and articles, and there certainly isn't a lack of wonderful artists to cover. Projects might not be as easy to get for various reasons, but I think problems are more on the management side, not the content. Since its a public forum I'd rather say no more lol.
   The last issue was fab, with wonderful stories, Like the good old days.

Tatty Bears South Australia
Posts: 305

It is a wonderful magazine and I would hate to see it go now I have just recovered it.

Tatty Bears South Australia
Posts: 305

So it's now the 12th June. Did anyone get it in the shops? I was working today so I only got to try one newsagents but they didn't have it. Will try again tomorrow.

gugu"s teddies gugu;s teddies
Posts: 203

hi Tatty Bears
Rec my Mag today Bear Creations Vol 17 no 5 it was great to see whats happening in the Bear World again as my last issue was in DEC 2011
Ill have to waite until i get home but i feel its a bit thinner than the last issue. Hope you rec yours soon,Ive sent EM to Simon, re date issue of Dolls and Bears Mag as im not sure when thats due out
Lotsa of HUGS to ALL

Tatty Bears South Australia
Posts: 305

O.K. Finally got a copy of ABC, it is a little bit thinner than past issues, they are taking subscriptions for the mag so heres hoping it is gonna stay around.
In the what's on pages there are shows advertised for May and June, oopps missed those and the shows listed goes up to October (dont know if they always do this?) so I'm thinking the next issue won't be out in August.

Mitch2052 Blue Valley Bears
Posts: 770

I have my issue from the newsagent today and was happy to see (as with the last issue) that there are changes for the better, nice bright photos and great artist profiles. The issue is no thinner at 82 pages the same as previous issues.

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