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Oooh Paul, I'm so glad I peeked in here. LOVE THIS BEAR!!

Thanks for showing us, perked up my afternoon a bit.

edie wrote:

I still feel there are only two reasons for being badly hurt or offended by what someone says -
1. If it is someone whose judgement you truly value.
2. If it is something that deep down you know to be true about yourself but have never been able to admit and don't want to face.

Words of wisdom Edie! I've never thought of it that way but it's so true! Something I'll have to remember when I get offended! LOL

Oh and have you SEEN how many 'hits' this thread specifically has had?
Hot tops are always big sellers.


I'm also of the thinking that if you don't like it, don't read it.
I really don't know why this is hard and I don't understand how people can get so offended by something said on a forum.
Doesn't life go on after we get up off the computer??
Often I feel TT is to "fluffy" to suit my personality. I like a good argument sometimes and heck, these 'controversial' topics get read WAY more than any other ones here .

People come back that have left, lurkers post for the 1st time. If you didn't enjoy it, you wouldn't read it. It's just too easy not to click on something if you don't want to.

If you want to know the real me, that's what's facebook is for. Unfortunately I feel I must censor myself here because someone's too often offended.

And now I've said my piece. For some reason I just had to!!


I love this, even though I'm hardly ever on here I've never missed a year and I won't start this year!!

Now I get to go hunting for the 'perfect' card


Jane! These are super sweet! my favorite is the one with the tiny face.

Coming to Calgary soon?


were you up in Calgary?? We're SOOO due for a visit.

Get in touch, but I'm glad the concert was fun.


bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  :photo:  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub


you guys!!
my baby is only 10 months old but already I am imagining the day when she trots off to school. They do grow soo fast and I guess I was secretly hoping that after a few years you get used to it.

I guess not :(

So Judi, I'm feeling for you in my own way!  :crackup:


Urgh, I so out of the loop and haven't used ebay forever. But now that I'm thinking about bears again I don't know if I want to bother. I really hate how you can only use paypal now. It feels like an insult to my intelligence!


oh my , he is cute. bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  Enjoy every minute. Already my little newborn is 10 months old. Time flys...............


wow, congrats stranger! Where was this that she won 1st place? she is a fantastic bear!!


bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub



Yes, the every 20 min newborn feedings...I remember those.

She is wonderful, looks like you have a great family there


So cute, and yes won't settle. My baby is 8 months now and she settled after 3.5 months. It was rough but she is such a happy easy going baby. Those months were hell though.

If you need any support just PM me. I was JUST there and totally understand. Must be tough to deal with having other children in the house.


Too bad he's spoken for.........I just love him


So cute, and I can tell you just love her bits!!!


Congrats Jenn!
Take care of yourself, get lots of sleep and take some hot baths. They grow so fast enjoy every minute!


Edie, you are a doll!!!

She is right, although I have NOT STOPPED fighting. I am now trying to secure a spring time venue so please wish me luck!

I have not and will not give up on the show, the support was fantastic last year!


And I want to respond to the 'Absent Artists" table.

From a promoters point of view this is tricky. Our goal is to get as many tables filled in the room as possible to pay for everything and to make an interesting show. That's why I didn't allow table sharing even though I can see benefits for the artist, it was not best for the show.

Same with the group table, although it would be good to display works from artists who aren't near to the show at what point do you draw the line. 1 hr drive away?? 2hrs drive away etc?

Ok, totally off my soap box now!


Wow, lots of long posts............LOL

Ok, so I'm no expert but I have organized 1 show and I have some thoughts on the issue as well.

From my point of view

, I felt that the show was very well supported by the bear artists. They were happy to have a show back and were more than willing to support the show in it's early years. It was great to meet with other bear makers, a community like I've never felt.

The problem?? Getting anyone else to take it seriously. I have been trying for months and months to secure a venue in my city for our little show. As a show promoter I would hate to hold a show in some small community center. I feel this does not do much to promote artist bears.
But they just won't listen. I live in a large city that is rapidly growing and is full of money.
The offer of me renting a room for a day and ordering a breakfast for the artists is laughable to them! Conventions and corporate affairs guest rent rooms, order several meals and services, weddings have food etc.
I'm at a loss. All the work I did and I feel I'm letting everyone down but there is little choice. I am still trying for a spring show as I do NOT want the show to die as there is nothing like the feeling of seeing the bears in the fur and meeting their makers.

Of course, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!

My second point is promotion.

I never did the show to make money, not for one second.
But I think the artists need to understand how LITTLE money there is to be made as a show promoter. Most of the artists at the show made way more money than I did buy far and I was happy for them. But this means that there is NO MONEY for fancy advertising. Newspaper ads, magazines ads, Radio time were not an option for me unless I took a finical loss from the show.
So what does that mean?? Every person attending the show has to be the 'promoter'. It can't be left to the show organizer; it's up to the artists to sell their own bears.

Wont' that get more people at shows? If you sell most of your bears online, but want to do a show, contact your collectors. Let them know where you will be. Chances are they have on-line bear buddies so if they don't live close to the show, perhaps they know someone who does.

Ok, that's it. Sorry I'm never on here anymore.

Love you Daph for speaking your mind. Always have!!


Louise I'm a total leg shaker as well. Always my right leg though.

Before my baby i used to work at a computer all day and my leg would just shake and shake. Ir's a tough habit to break


Avent is giving away samples of their new Magic sippy cups. There's a 7oz one with a soft spout for infants and a 9oz one with a hard spout for toddlers.
I think it's a promotion to show that they're "health conscious", as they're advertising them as "BPA free". Call the number and they will send 2 free sippy cups.

The new Canadian number is 1-866-624-1906. them if you are interested! (if you are in the states, look up the website I think)

Te company name is Philips, just tell them you heard about the promotion, they’ll ask for your address and will send you out the sippys (and more if you are expecting or have small babies)

Also Playtex is giving away bottles too. Get yours at

Please pass this on, cause free stuff is coo


You know, it's soo funny that most woman share the same lot if life. COOKING!

I also like to when I'm alone eat what I want, when I want.
Marion, hubs was away for 8 days just a bit ago and I lost 11 pounds! i wasn't even trying.

I feel bad because when hubs was gone the baby and I had a perfect schedule going. When hubs got back the whole daily routine was all messed up. Meaning baby didn't nap or do anything as well.
Sometimes I feel it's easier when he's not home. That way only the baby and I make a mess and I don't have to cook anything special.

I'm also lucky bec. hubs works evenings sometimes like this week. He works from 4pm - 12am so I have plenty of me time after baby goes to bed.

Thanks for letting me confess........... :crackup:


Great topic Shel, today was a good day to pop on.

I'm psichick78.

it's a knock-off of psychic only I'm a girl.

Now I'm probably the only lame one but I made up psichick as my video game handle because some games only let you put in 3 letters which then I put 'psi' It worked because I do tarot cards and I'm a chick....something not super common when it comes to video games.

the 78 comes because once I was setting up an email account and psichick was taken so I added 78.........the number of cards in a tarot deck.

Did that makes sense?? I just re-read it and maybe I am just a little sleep deprived. You know how being a new mom goes! LOL


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