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Past Time Bears - Artist bears designed and handcrafted by Sue Ann Holcomb

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,798

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

I haven't had a work-in-progress in a long time, but decided I needed/wanted to make a few more bears before I absolutely couldn't hold a needle anymore.  I have a mohair stash like nobody would believe and found a bit of this fur that I bought at least 10-12 years ago.  It's what most "zotty" type
bears are made out of.  Here's what I've done so far.


rowarrior The Littlest Thistle
Posts: 6,212

Oh Sue Ann, that looks like a post mortem is about to be conducted, stuff him up quick!

Miser Miser Bears
Posts: 211

Bears without faces look creepy!  bear_wacko

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Well, I'm just happy to see a bear from you, Sue Ann! I know he'll be adorable one day soon. bear_original


Honeydotz Honeydotz
Metro Atlanta, GA
Posts: 9

I love WIP photos! I have been trying to start a regular topic on my blog and fan page I call "What's On My Table".
Here's one: … table.html

Caroline D Posts: 150

More WIP. this is a 16 inch bear I'm making from a fur coat I bought on ebay. I know, risky, but the local charity shops don't seem to have fur coats, so I don't know where else to get them from. This is a learning experience. First lesson, when they say Persian Lamb, it could well be goat!

It's quite silky, but it has almost no undercoat to speak of, so no fluffy cheeks and contrasting textures with this  one.  I worked out it was probably goat from another post on this site, someone asking the same thing. Not the end of the world, but it is made of lots of little pieces...

I tried very hard to get the pattern pieces laid  out in good positions, but, more lessons learned, i.e. first of all, hole the de-lined coat up to the light to look for holes! Also, check the fur side minutely for bald patches. I think I should have marked all these on the  inside of the skin. And then also, marked where the curly bits are, because they are much thicker than the smooth silky areas. Ho hum. But so far, this  is the head of the bear I'm making...

He looks a bit more  like a dog than a bear atm, but I shall persevere and use this as practise and lessons :)


Caroline D Posts: 150

And here is the mammoth I posted about a bit earlier. His legs are stuffed but not his body yet till I've put the head on...

and his head needs it's ears and eyes. Those aren't his eyes, they're just position eyes so I know where to put them. Tusks made from fimo. Lesson learned here, don't use stringy glue like Uhu anywhere near long pile fur!

I shaved his trunk down with a razor comb, which seems to keep the  natural look of the fur whilst thinning and shortening it. I want to do eyelids and lashes for this one, so I'm still thinking about how  to do them.

mickeyflip Sunshine Coast, QLD
Posts: 87

Sure - WIP's are half the fun bear_original  I've only just come back from not making anything for a few years, but I have put a couple on instagram:
1366087950_img_20130411_222430.jpg 1366087965_img_20130414_133639.jpg

Caroline D Posts: 150

Panda I'm making for my daughter's birthday Tuesday week. Should be finished by then if I focus! I think he should be called Oreo as he's actually dark brown and white, not black.


I love Oreos!


customteddys Custom Teddys
Juneau, Alaska
Posts: 1,550

This is such a fun post to revisit. Caroline, your mammoth looks very interesting. It is fun watching him/her come together. Looking forward to the finished product, but it looks like you have more than one project in process!  bear_original  bear_original

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