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Past Time Bears - Artist bears designed and handcrafted by Sue Ann Holcomb
Shelli Makes - Teddy bears & other cheerful things by Shelli Quinn

karen12 Posts: 2

Hello everyone.

This is a list I put together of over 30 free teddy bear patterns that I was able to find from all around the web. I thought that you all might find it helpful.

Free Teddy Bear Patterns


gugu"s teddies gugu;s teddies
Posts: 203

Can anyone please give some help as to how i would start to make my own patterns  also i should think you would cut out on old fabric  first can anyone please start me off in the right direction thanks Paula

Lovethosebears Yorkshire
Posts: 1,899

Some great patterns there Karen, thanks for sharing.

Paula - there are lots of good books out there and Ebearz does a fantastic course.  Otherwise you can start by making some small changes to someone elses pattern (try one of the above) - just to see how a pattern goes together.  There is alot of advice in our library section (above with the waving smiley).  I have just finished making a bear out of a pattern which is 100% mine, before that I played with commercial patterns and patterns from magazine like Australian Bear Creations.  I used faux fur to start out and a few scraps of mohair I either won on ebay or was kindly given.  You can always make up a draft pattern in polycotton (called a wet cat on Ebearz) which gives you a good idea on how your bear (or animal) will look and allow you to make changes without the waste of using precious mohair.  Hope this helps.

lovenshire Love and Cuddle Nursery
Posts: 945

Paula, my suggestion would be to get Ted Mentens book "Teddy Bear Studio".  It's a great book and explains how to design any bear you want.

bearlady13 Posts: 177

I would like to find that book also. Thanks

Gabriele~GJOYfulBears GJOYful Bears
Posts: 511

Wow I had no idea there were so many places that taught how to design them ~ thanks for mentioning them I'm going to look into them as I love to learn anything new. I have been designing my patterns since I started making bears ~ my first bear was another artist's pattern and from there I designed my own, I just took a stab at it and surprisingly it worked out well and of course they've gotten better as I've gone on and learnt from mistakes. I'm a self-taught artist mostly and wish I had have had internet when I started as I wouldn't have had to ruin some very good mohair and mink in the process.... But thankfully all my patterns and bears have come a long way LOL bear_laugh

Thanks for mentioning those books! bear_original

Norma Posts: 1

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this - I am really going to enjoy making my teddy.


Norma bear_wub

Swan Posts: 2

Good web site with lots of helpful information for beginners,
thank you very much !

Fablepuff Wonderland of creativity
Posts: 7

Hello everyone...i am looking for a quite hard to find pattern for a basset hound,mops/pug,shar-pei,etc...i found some on pinterest and etsy but i would like it more realistic looking...any advice?

jillanne UX'BEARies
Posts: 81

The Ted Menton 'Teddy Bear Studio' book is available through Amazon. … ear+studio

Fablepuff Wonderland of creativity
Posts: 7

thank you very very much for the reply...i will take a look bear_original

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