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We have added this new bear to our Seamore Collectible Clubhouse.

She is called Amanda Panda and can be found on Page 2.

Or at Etsy under Handmade Artist Panda By Penney M.

Thank you for visiting


Reinbear1.JPGThis New little miniature measuring in at 4.25 inches tall.

Is up for adoption on

His name is CONNOR.


The face just says it all!!!  bear_thumb


Chubba-wubba.JPGThis is our new bear.  His name is Chubba Wubba and he LOVES ice-cream!!

he can be seen on bearpile at:

Thanks for stopping by.


Hello Everyone,

Do stop by and see all of the wonderful entries for the
Gläserner Teddybär 2011 and vote for your special ones.

Spring is here and the Robins are laying their eggs. What could be hatching??

Here is a link to see the teddy bears in their glory … ory_e.html

Best regards,
Penney M


Carl.JPGThis happy fellow is Carl.

Made from a spotted Alpaca. I liked the way he came out, especially his large head


Thank you Ladies for your suggestions.  May have found the fabric I needed!! :dance:


Hello fellow bear makers.

I have not been on the computer lately.  So it's interesting to see what's happening.

I have an order to make a polar bear set.

My problem...  I can't seem to find any synthetic white/off white plush anywhere???  I am looking for a lush 9-10 mm plush with a nice sheen.

I would welcome any suggestions.

Thank you so much :doh:


Life has been a little hetic lately.  But so happy to see little Hope.   Thank you for sharing the sweet picture. bear_grin


bear_original Hello,

We have posted a splendid bear by the name of OHNO on bearpile.
He can be viewed also at:


I personally love all the ideas.
Paula I think you petty much covered all of the categories.  I love the idea of a miniature vignette.
Well done,


Congratulations on your award. Thank you for sharing with us.


Hello Maria

So happy they found the bear!!!
When it finally arrives home...BIG hugs are in order.

Happy Holidays.
Penney :dance:


:clap:  :clap:  :clap: 

Many congratulations to all the TT's who participated and won.   I was very happy to receive an email from Maria who asked Olive to keep an eye out on my competition piece.

I am estatic to have my first place won and wanted to share my news with you all.
Thank you again and Congratulations Maria also.


Congratulations Claire,

I too received my nomination 2 weeks ago and have shipped my bear piece off to Wendy at Wendy's World Fairs.  If you haven't heard back from her, please try again.  Shes probably busy organizing everything,  she has always looked after my bears for me in the past.   I'm sure she has all the info...

Good luck in Hove and Do take pictures!!!!



Thank you for your comments.  Very happy to say after contacting USPS, they advised me to tell the Customer to PARCEL FORCE the package.  She called them up, was told VAT was owed, not that any note was left for her.  And they will be delivered tomorrow.

Needless to say we are both VERY happy they will be joining their new Mummy, with lots of hugs..


I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on a package that was mailed to a customer in the UK.   Of course It contained my favourite bears and I was So happy to see them all go to the same person as a family.  The person has just contacted me after a month to let me know she has not received them.  According to USPS they were attempted to be delivered back on Oct 5th. 

Any help would be much appreciated.


Me too!!

Good luck to all the entries.


PICT0104.jpgNanuk and Sola up for adoption.

This adorable set recntly placed 3rd in the Ted Worldwide.

Only 2 days left to adopt this lovely ensemble. … %26otn%3D2


Congratulations to you too Berta!!!

And to you Manuela.

Such great Artists we have on this site!!! :clap:


Congratulations Maria.

He's such a hunk!!

And stay calm... :clap:  :clap:  :clap:


PICT0028.jpgMOONBEAM is up for adoption and is looking to be adopted into his new family.

Hello Everyone,

Seamore Collectibles is proud to present "MOONBEAM" on bearpile at the following link.

Best regards


O'h How wonderful to see all the pictures, and so lovely to see the tables with all those cute bears.

And I was even more excited to see my Nanuk and Sola in one of them.. They placed 3rd and I'm thrilled.

Berta came in 1st in her category...

Congratulations to any other Artists whose names I  missed.   :clap:


I just wanted to say How  wonderful it has been to see all the entries, even the ones not nominated.  Fantastic work and you should all be proud of your Artistry!!!
Some were just breathtaking!! :clap:  :clap:  :clap:


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