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Dilu Posts: 8,574

Last Call:  Almost Friday  Hurryhurry

These are the names I have

If you do not see your name please PM me again  bear_wacko with your addy

Thanks guys:

Andrea Marcucci:
Wanda Carson:
Sue Ann Holcomb: 
Deborah Burnham:   
Melissa Kemp:
Nancy Dontigney: 
Marion Klein-Hodqul
Bonita Mitchel: 
Pat Hage:
Krista Griffiths:
Kirsty Abbott:
Shantell Whitney:
Shelli Heineman: 
Penny Davis:
Ellen Borggreve: 
Patty Barone: 
Debbie Burbury:
Laraine White:
Chrissie Baust:
Nancy Walker:
Chrissi Catherwood:
Laurie Wicks:
Aleta Breese:
Heather Wing:
Tracy Smith
Aerianna Mendoza:
Daphne Blau       
Jane Martin:
Victoria and Chad Bragg:
Cheryl Schmidt:
Debbie Diment:
Karen Salton:
Marlys Waggle:
Linda Hearn:
Denise Shannon:
Patsy Lake:
Joan Lemmon:
Melissa Toohey:
Ellen Liss:
Melanie Clark :
Gijzette Strickland:
Sandi Rexford:
Kathleen La Porta:
Lee Ming-Ru:
Mrs. A. Underdown
Julia Kovalchouk:
Christine Child:
Chrissi Catherwood:
Tami L
Janet Anderson
Mary Encarnacion
Carolyn Green

gollyoverwhealmedhugs but it made me learn the new program:


Dilu Posts: 8,574

I have heard from just a couple of people....this is good, apparently I did not make too many errors! :crackup:

I will send out the list Friday the 30th.....



AndreaM Drea's Bears
Posts: 576

Can't wait!  I'm all ready to go :dance:

AndreaM bear_original

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