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Dilu Posts: 8,574

Will be accepted after 12 noon PST as I have a hubby expecting me to play/work in the real world with him.... Hrumph!  Men!

Unless, of course the fault is mine :crackup: -----also Please read:

You send cards to the 5 people, FIVE PEOPLE after your may send cards to whomever you like, BUT the deal was the 5 FIVE people after your name.

IF you are the last name on the list you roll over to the 5 FIVE names at the top of the list.....

We have many Talkers who like to send cards to special friends, and that is why we started sending out the whole list.

Think food groups :  5 FIVE

food groups: chocolate, nuts to put in chocolate, fruit to dip in chocolate, cream for milk chocolate,  MORE CHOCOLATE

I am not done sending out the lists, if you can be patient and remember that the day is not over, you will most likely have it within some portion of this day-but no one will get it if I am reading and answering PMs about how you do not have the list yet...... bear_wacko

TamiL Dolls N Dreams
Aurora, Colorado
Posts: 6,454

Yes so all please leave her alone and don't PM her 6 times like I did last night about the funny symbols! LOL
:hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:

Dilu Posts: 8,574

:crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:

I am laughing so hard my stomach is cramping........thanks Tami   :hug:  :hug:  :hug:

Dilu Posts: 8,574

Maybe QUY can tell us what the weird symbols are....Ming  knew it was because of the IMac, but I don't see them, nor do I know how to get rid of them.......



K Pawz Guest

:crackup:  :crackup:  :crackup:
Okay so now I really want to send you a PM Dilu, but I will contain myself!


chrissibrinkley Posts: 1,836

Yippie!! I KNEW you loved me Dilu!!  My prayers were answered and there are finally 2 of me!!  :crackup:  :crackup:   he he heee... I just got logged on now and see that I'm out there 2 times.... more for me or should we remove one? bear_grin

:hug:  :hug:

plushkinbear BEAR ME SHOOTKA
Vladivostok, RUSSIA
Posts: 2,139

Dilu, sorry I PM you  :crackup:
then I found this post!!  bear_whistle

My address is incorrect  bear_shocked If I write it here then I guess it will be fine.
Everything is correct except this one (please change al yo 25 to a/ya 25 ) THANKS!!!

Hugs, Julia  :hug:

Tami E Tami Eveslage Original Teddy Bears
Milford Ohio
Posts: 2,367

Dilu, your Teddy Talk mailbox gets pretty full when you organize these things, doesn't it?!! Look how popular you are! bear_grin

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