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Rina & furfriends Colorado City, AZ
Posts: 69

I was at my local thrift store and saw three fur coats, and the first thing I though was what would those look way better as stuffed animals.  there was a black, white and white with brown tips and fox tails.  would it be worth getting them for making animals?  They were $25.00 each.  The lady at the store told me that they were rabbit fur, but I couldn't see on the tags what the fur wasjust that they were acrylic lined.  She also told me they have been there a long time, so if I decided to get them and when I had enough money they would must likely still be there.  I don't like the idea that the animals were skined to make the coats, but mabe it would be a good idea to put the fur to good use.  Anyone know if it would be a good buy or a bad buy?

EvaJ EJ's Crafts
Fort Mohave, Arizona
Posts: 829

I would want to know if these are really fur and not synthetic.  The only way you can check this is to open the lining a little bit and see what the backing is.  That way you can also see what condition the backing is in.  Sometimes the backing on the fur is completely dried out and you could never make a bear out of it.   If she said they were there a long time why didn't she give you a deal.  I would try for one.   I don't think I have ever paid more than $15  for an old coat.  Of course, I live in Arizona and people here just want to get rid of fur coats. 


Rina & furfriends Colorado City, AZ
Posts: 69

Thank you Eva.  I live in Arizona too.  I will have to look at them closer when I go there again.  I was also wondering if the one with fox tails could have been fox fur because it had the tails and they felt simular to the fur on the coat.  I don't want to get them if they have dry backing making then useless for what I would use them for, so I will have to look at them real well. 


momanimallover Taber, Alberta
Posts: 1,795

hi there, if they are real fur and are in good shape it's a great deal for 25.00 dollars each [ even more if one is fox bear_original ]

Rina & furfriends Colorado City, AZ
Posts: 69

Thank you for the help.  I decided to get them.  My baby thought it was fun to play on them, and they are heavy to carry.  Two are rabbit fur, but one dosen't say.  I opened it up and and it had markings that said "N O" and lots of lines, and a tag that said lining 100% aceate.?  The unidenified fur is also softer then the rabbit fur coats.  I thought that the poor rabbits and what ever the third coat is made out of would be happy to be animals again.  What could I do with the fox tails?  Would the fox tails work on stuffed foxes?

I know the lady that words at the thrift store real well and even helped her at the thrift store when I was in high school.  She loved seeing me because it had been a long time and was glad that I bought the coats and would use them.  I think she was tired of them just not selling.  I also told her that I would show her what I make with the coats.  She also used to make the cutest stick horses, but sold all her stick horse stuff to one of her daughters that makes them now and they are just as cute. 


Us Bears Pennsylvania
Posts: 1,479

Hey Rina & friends;

Can you get us pictures of the fur in question.  Our human might be able to identify it for you.
There are several types of rabbit which grow short, dense fur.  They are called "Rex Rabbit".

BTW:  We totally understand how you feel about animals.
Remember that lots of people use rabbits for food.  So, when you use rabbit fur to make Bears and other friends with, you are using the part of the rabbit that might be thrown away if not for your saving them.
As much as you feel bad about it, you can take some credit for making something good come out of it.  bear_original

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