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rkr4cds Creative Design Studio (RKR4CDS)
suburban Chicago
Posts: 2,044

Am I the last one to learn about this or has this never been discussed here before?
I think this is a fabulous idea too!

In that we all know how to design and construct quite complex creations and that we've all got huge stashes of material that's "too good to throw way and too small to do anything with..."

The Toy Society is a brilliant idea - or maybe I've been sprinkled with the pixie dust that always gets to me at this time of the year... but seeing these simple shapes and spreading a little extra kindness, when it costs me almost nothing.. and the idea of doing it anonymously just hits my heart.
I'm going to be doing this now and in the future - I LV this idea and 3 cheers to the Aussie person who got it going!!!

OK, who else is going to be going the effort in 2010????

lovenshire Love and Cuddle Nursery
Posts: 945

WOW, how cool is that...

rowarrior The Littlest Thistle
Posts: 6,212

What a fab idea.  Hmm, I've got loads of felt I haven't got round to using, making a robot like the ones further down that page can't be too hard, right?!

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

I love this idea.  I am bookmarking their site.  I think I am in

Laura Lynn Teddies by Laura Lynn
Lexington, KY
Posts: 3,648

Laura Lynn Banner Sponsor

Bobbie what a COOL idea!  I just signed up... never heard of this before!  Gosh, you could spend all day looking at drop photos   bear_tongue

rkr4cds Creative Design Studio (RKR4CDS)
suburban Chicago
Posts: 2,044

I know!
And the cute little items are such simple shapes and designs. We could make so many of these.
I was just writing to another member: some of these would no doubt be taken advantage of, but judicious placement near spots where families and/or parents would see them - near local food pantries, libraries/children's sections, grocery stores, etc, would all be places where they would attract the eyes of those would could legitimately use them,  as well as spark the idea in the minds of many for the idea of 'Pay It Forward', which I feel that this is the principle of.
(that's convoluted but you know what I mean!)

Jaina Emo Bears
Dudley, West Mids
Posts: 862

bear_original  That is such a great idea, simple patterns and just spreading some love, which I feel is sorely lacking in today's society.

Tammy Beckoning Bears
Nova Scotia
Posts: 3,739

That is a very nice and interesting idea !  I don't mean to sound negative, but, do you think anyone would be afraid of the package ?  You know...  a mysterious package being left somewhere could alarm some people  ( a sad sign of the times ) I'd hate for  the bomb squad to be called in !   Just wondering out loud I guess !

Carlyle Bear Co. Carlyle Bear Co.
Ft Myers FL
Posts: 492


Thanks for posting this link!  I too could look at the photos all afternoon.   What a cool idea to play Santa all year long!  I love this! bear_wub

I have a huge felt stash that I gathered when I was trying to make these little Japanese softies that I could use....

You have us all thinking now!

White Forest White Forest Bears
Southern California
Posts: 556

I LOVE it!  I'm going to have to pour a glass of wine later and read the site more - how fantastic!

lulubears Posts: 280

One of our local churches hosts an "Angel Food" program.  In light of the comment about people maybe being afraid to pick up an item just left somewhere, I think I'm going to drop a batch of these softies off at the church.  The ladies that run the program know me, and I will ask them to either set them out on food pickup day or offer them to the kids.


ScaliWagGrrs ScaliWagGrrs
Denver, Colorado
Posts: 1,157

Wow! This is a fabulous idea! I'm going to have to join in this fun sometime soon myself.

rkr4cds Creative Design Studio (RKR4CDS)
suburban Chicago
Posts: 2,044

Well, yes, Tammy, I think/suppose that in some instances I'm sure that there must be some instances of suspicions being raised about 'bomb scares/perps/things-inserted-that're-dangerous-to-kiddies...' and that's a sad commentary on today's world.

But for the most part, I think that if it's approached in the right way, say - getting prior approval of letting the ppl involved (i.e., the Library, grocery store, food pantry, or the favorite spot you've chosen to leave a stuffie bagged in clear plastic and marked with these chosen, international 'Toy Society' words etc) then eventually I should think that most of them would get into the hands of a child who will really appreciate it/them.

For several years I've been doing something else along this line: I purchase all of my books (paperbacks) as Used on Amazon and they look brand new. After reading them once I like to pass them on. I slip them into a zip-lock bag, with a note inside, another sort of Pay It Forward, saying that this book was purposely left on this bench/in this spot/etc for whoever finds it and if interested in this author or this subject,
to please feel free to take it with them to read and when finished, if it's still in good condition, to again include a note like this, put it inside a waterproof bag and leave it in a public place to be enjoyed by someone else.

Authors of course would like sales of individual books but even paperbacks now cost over $15 but I can no longer afford that so I frequent the online used book sources; and I can't see just throwing them away or putting them all into the recycling bin, the Library's resale table or the charity resale pick-ups at the house.
I like knowing that each book might be enjoyed by one individual person, one-at-a-time!

Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

While I love this idea I had the same concern as Tammy. Especially where children are concerned. It's certainly a sign of the times and I find it sad. But I KNOW there are parents out there who wouldn't let their children even open or touch the bag. It would be a shame to make something with good intention only for it to end up in the trash can. I only saw one "happy ending" story on that site (I looked at about 15 drops) so who knows how many are kept and appreciated and how many aren't.

Luann has a great solution. Bring what you make to a place where they know you and can make sure your gifts get into children's hands. bear_thumb A shelter, food pantry, church, local library.....

Us Bears Pennsylvania
Posts: 1,479
Tammy wrote:

That is a very nice and interesting idea !  I don't mean to sound negative, but, do you think anyone would be afraid of the package ?

Daphne wrote:

While I love this idea I had the same concern as Tammy...

Luann has a great solution. Bring what you make to a place where they know you and can make sure your gifts get into children's hands. bear_thumb A shelter, food pantry, church, local library.....

I think the church, or a shelter, etc. would be the best place.   bear_thumb

I am thinking along the same lines as Tammy & Daphne.  I also think it would be best if the things you made could be assured of going to people who would appreciate them.  Just leaving things in public does not assure that.  They could be picked up by a person who already has lots of posessions.  Another "trinket" would not have the same meaning to them.  Donating the items to a shelter would mean that children who might not get a visit from Santa would have something to open on Christmas morning.

Still, I like the theme.  A serendipitous gift that you just happen to spot.

What if somebody showed The Toy Society's website to some people at church?  Could there be a way that the church can put a plan like this into action with a little bit more "targeted" approach?

Not only that, if you've got the surplus materials but not a lot of time, it might be possible for the church leaders to mobilize some forces and get other people to help make a few toys to give away.  You could create the patterns for others to use.  They create the toys with your oversight.  Then, the people at the church could arrange a mass gifting to people who need it.

You would be using the church's resources to increase the power of your project PLUS you would get a little fodder for your resumé.  I'm not trying to be crass but, as business people, I think you can see the benefit.  It certainly wouldn't hurt to be able to post it on your website or put it in your bio that you helped organize a toy drive at your local church that gave fifty children toys to open on Christmas.

The place I work is an organization started by the Sisters of Mercy
I know that the Sisters would be thrilled if somebody approached them with a project like that!  bear_original

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