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matilda Matilda Huggington-beare
Posts: 5,551

Its been 2 years in the planning. Hiccupped by the Volcano last week but now I actually get to go. I'm already and its only 9.45am.
I am disappointed I wasnt able to make the TeddyTotal in Germany. Maria looked after my Puddles for me. I'm now glad I sent them on ahead.
So with some rearranging I am now heading to Paris first. I'm so looking forward to meeting Sophie and Malko.
Sophie and I are spending 3 nights in Paris and then we head for her home. I'm looking forward to walking those lanes she has photographed so beautifully. I cant believe its now actually going to happen.
Then I'm taking the train to Germany to stay with Maria and her family for a few days before I head on my way to Alaska.  I was worried I wasnt going to get a chance to meet Maria. We've chattered for years and had the show weekend all planned. ...sigh... I have three wonderful holidays awaiting me and I am excited about each and every one. I'll pop in and post pics on my return.
spotya's later. :dance:

Little Bear Guy Little Bear Guy
Waterloo, Ontario
Posts: 1,395

Have a great time and give Maria a big hug for  me when you see you. I am hoping one day to get to meet her in person as well. She is such a sweetheart. Have a great trip and be safe.

big hugs


thumperantiques Newcastle, Ontario
Posts: 5,643

Have a blast, Wendy!!!!!



doodlebears Doodlebears
Posts: 7,414

doodlebears Celebration Ambassador

Yay, at last.  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  Bon voyage Wendy. Take loads of pictures to share with us please. Have fun!

Hugs, Jane.  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,481

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

:dance:  :dance:  :dance:  :dance:  :dance:  Have an absolutely wonderful time, Wendy!  I look forward to seeing your photos and hearing a report when you return.  Where will you be in Alaska?  I have in-laws in Anchorage.

peterbear Boechout, Antwerp
Posts: 4,755

Wow, Matilda, it looks like you're in for the holiday of a lifetime !  :dance:

I'm sure Sophie and Maria will spoil you rotten  bear_laugh  and will be excellent guides in Paris and the rest of France and Germany ....  and then off to Alaska.  I wish I was in your shoes.  bear_whistle

Have a wonderful time, take lots of pictures to show us and if you happen to pass through Belgium and my lovely city of Antwerp, I will treat you to some waffles or chocolates !  bear_grin

Hugs,  :hug:

Peter & the bears

rowarrior The Littlest Thistle
Posts: 6,212

Have a fabulous trip!

Lhearn Critters Creations
Posts: 1,303

Wendy have a great time and looking forward to see pictures and to hear all about it. bear_original

Theodore B. Bear Posts: 114


WE HOPE YOU HAVE A SUPER TIME !!!   bear_thumb  bear_flower  bear_thumb

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