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eteddys eTeddys
Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 880

I know, I'm annoying everyone but that's what we have to do to Walmart so they will start stocking Morning Glory Stuffing again!  Today is the last day to get letters to  the Morning Glory rep who is meeting with Walmart buyers this week.  My letter is below in blue to give you an idea of where to start.  Please send email your letters to  She will hand deliver them to the buyers at the meeting.  Also, make sure to contact Walmart via phone and through their website to request that they bring back Morning Glory polyfill and cluster stuff!

The ever annoying Alison who must have her stuffin!

Walmart Buyers,

I am writing to you in hopes that you will once again, stock Morning Glory fiberfill products in your stores.

I am a designer of collectible teddy bears and other stuffed animals.  This has been my occupation for the past 10 years.  And, in those 10 years, I have always purchased Morning Glory polyester fiberfill and Morning Glory Cluster Stuff from my local Walmart stores.   That is until Walmart, national wide, discontinued the product.   I have tried other brands of stuffing, including Fairfield, the brand you now stock.  Morning Glory works the best for my creations.  The regular fiberfill, packs firmly in the heads so I can embroider the nose.  The Cluster Stuff is wonderful for stuffing the tummies for a cuddly feel.  Fairfield is to slippery and pops right back out of the stuffing holes.  You cannot get the firmness you need for a collectible teddy bear.  I'm sure that Fairfield has its applications, but I simply cannot use it in my line of work.

I would challenge the buyers for the craft department of Walmart to obtain several different polyester stuffing samples from various companies.  You will note that all polyfill is not created equal.  Some will have longer fibers, others shorter.  Some will feel very slippery and slick due to coatings.  Others will feel quite dry.  In ten years of creating, I have not come across another product that is comparable to Morning Glory.  Morning Glory has always been the most affordable and the best quality polyester fiber fill.  I loved the convenience of buying it from my local Walmart store in the 5 pound box and loved the bags of Cluster Stuff.  Please return Morning Glory products to your store shelves!

Alison McKee

TamiL Dolls N Dreams
Aurora, Colorado
Posts: 6,454

Done!!!  bear_original

Plum Cottage Bears Plum Cottage Bears
Long Beach, CA
Posts: 2,151

Plum Cottage Bears Cute Animal Ambassador

I adapted the letter and sent it off.  Here's to Morning Glory!

eteddys eTeddys
Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 880

Thank you ladies.  The last word was that they had a couple of hundred letters but needed more.  Anyone procrastinators out there, write your letters and get them emailed tonight.  I known I've been a pest about this but when you've used a certain stuffing for 10 years, you grow accustomed to it.   I HATE change. 


huggleybear C.W. Huggley Bears
Statham, GA
Posts: 281

Sent Mine!!!!!

lemon wolf bear 1 Lemon Wolf Bears
Northern MN.
Posts: 1,634

I sent the following letter, making them realise it is just not the stuffing sales they are missing out on but lots of other sales may get more attention from them. Hugs, Susan.

Dear Wal-Mart Buyers,
     I buy my needed items for my home as well as my restaurant  on a weekly basis, certain items bring me to Wal-Mart, and others to Target. When I need one  certain item that is the store I shop at that week.  Morning Glory stuffing is  that item that would bring me to your store every other week and then buying all my needs for that week there. Now that you no longer carry my stuffing, Morning Glory, I have been going every week to Target. I know in the busy lives of people these days I am not the only one who tries to combine all they can in one stop.  So I urge you to re-consider selling the stuffing you have  had on your shelves for years, after all lots of crafters still do the shopping for their households, so where will they go?  To the place where they can get the specific items they need as well as their weekly needs. I will not use the stuffing you have on your shelf now, very cheap, yet not cheaper in price. I have had to order on line, which I don't like. Keep your customers happy, it makes good business sense!  Susan Scheradella. MN.

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