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TraceyF Melbourne
Posts: 5

I am a novice at bear making and have only been doing for a couple of months. I find that I like needle felting the faces as it makes every bear/creature their own personality and also makes them all OOAK. This is my latest creation. My rabbit. Flopsy is her name. Her neck is too wobbly but working on my bear making as well as the felting.


critique would be awesome.


Blueberrycreations Blueberrycreations
Northern California
Posts: 372

Fantastic job on the felting :dance:  She is really cute bear_wub

FrancesAnne Isle of Wight
Posts: 64

She's gorgeous Tracey, it looks like you've really mastered the needlefelting!  :clap:  :clap:   I'm a newby too, just finished my third bear.  I've been reading about needle felting and your wonderful result has encouraged me to have a go now.

Frances   bear_original

tcfolk TC Folk Originals
Tempe, AZ
Posts: 1,553
TraceyF Melbourne
Posts: 5

Thanks Frances. I found a tutorial online on how to do the needle felted faces. Unfortunately for the life of me can't find it now. Dang it.
No matter. Good luck. I love love love needle felting. Can't wait to see your work.


EvilMcWeevil Felt Fascinated
Posts: 25

She is lovely Tracey.  I too, am a relative newbie to needle felting and have recently come back to bear making after an eight year break from it.

Great felting! bear_laugh

rkr4cds Creative Design Studio (RKR4CDS)
suburban Chicago
Posts: 2,044

Unfortunately for the life of me can't find it now.

I think it got you into it for a start and you're finding your own feet, which is always a better way!

Just follow what your head & heart & fingers guide you to, the best part about needling is that it's completely changeable (and FIX-able). Now that bothers some folks as they need the directions to tell them exactly where to cut and what to sew together.
But if you're at all willing to be a bit free-spirited and just continue to needle, Needle Felting can be much more rewarding.
You can't lose either way because you can keep on adding more bits until you get the shape you wanted - - or (pull) slice off the spots that have too much fiber and begin again.
This is the PERFECT sculpting medium!
(and you're to be congratulated on taking on so many aspects at once!!)

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