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Crown Critters Crown Critters
Dallas, Texas
Posts: 841

This is Matilda. She is made of premium faux fur and needle felted using merino wool roving.  She stands about 6' tall (4" sitting) and holds a removable needle felted teddy bear. She was sold at my first show this past Saturday.


Napity Posts: 4

Hello Anthony,
Your creations including this one are so amazing cute.
Love the individual and unique facial features.
If i may ask, did you sew the fur on?
I'm just starting with needle felting and never tried to combine wool with any fur.

Good luck with all the rest of your creations  bear_original

Crown Critters Crown Critters
Dallas, Texas
Posts: 841

Hi Napity,

Thank you for the compliment! The fur part of the body is sewn like you would a teddy bear body and jointed in the same way. When I created this pattern, I removed the bottom half of the arms and legs and insted of stuffing them, I needle felted her arms and legs coming out of the fur openings. I then sutffed the back fur part with a little stuffing before closing up the seem.  The face is needle felted on to the blank head. Hope that helps some. At some point I may do a tutorial with pictures on my blog.

Anthony  bear_original

Napity Posts: 4

Thank you very much for your advice, bear_thumb
tutorial would be very welcome by many, I am sure of that.

It is pretty clever to combine those techniques the way you did.
The outcome is amazing bear_original

I will definitely try it once i am more confident

Spicemousey Posts: 3

Oh I wish I had one

Jenbee Barnetby Bears
Posts: 781

awww how cute, i love the little teeth too! very nice

Zoundz Posts: 16

Amazing! bear_laugh Love her!


NancyW Posts: 11

Oh, I love her too!  So cute.

Hazelwood Crafts Hazelwood Crafts
Posts: 57

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