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Jamir mcfaeragons
Posts: 11

Well ordered a book on how it is all done after seeing all the wonderful creations on here and getting green with envy, but couldn't wait for the book to arrive ( still waiting with itchy fingers )

so this is my first trial, lets see what happens bear when we play with felting .... i had a few blood spurts !!!!! wow those things are sharp and my teddy gets sick at the sight of blood, as you can see he does not look very well ..

But now we are sitting giggling about it all , and i decided even for a 1st attempt he is super cute enough to leave him the way he is .

Battling to get that lovely finish  that i see on all of yours but i suppose i must crawl with bandaged fingers before i can run the gauntlet of needles



rikkisbears NSW Australia
Posts: 209

Hi Jamir,
You did well for your first attempt.
I only do a tiny bit of felting on my bunny noses and sometimes a bit around the eyes, mainly because I keep stabbing myself. I'm hopeless, my fingers just keep getting in the way. Blood stains on a white bunny, not attractive. Haha.
Keep up the good work.

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Well-done, Ja'mir! I like your fearless first attempt.  bear_flower


edmondnutmeg Padfield bears
Posts: 1,343

Hi Ja'mir I found youtube a great resource to help with my felting in particular
these tutorials although to make all felted creatures show the principles very well.

rikkisbears NSW Australia
Posts: 209

Hi Michelle
Thank you for that link. Great to be able to watch how it's done.  Pictures and instructions aren't necessarily enough.

JulieK Suffolk
Posts: 28

He looks lovely!

My fingers felt the same after my first proper attempt (my first attempt was a nose for a bear). I have decided to invest in a set of needle felting finger protectors before I do anymore!


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