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yulkas Yuliya Kozub
Posts: 93

This boy's name is Bruno. He is very fat and big bear. His standing height is 70 cm, his weight is about 3 kg. In order for the bear to stand confidently. It stand and sit confidently. This can be seen in the photo, where Bruno very willingly poses and is not afraid to fall. High quality fur with thick undercoat. I love working with this fur, it allows you to squeeze and hug a bear as you like. This fur is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Well, some details .... Inside the filler for toys, fir sawdust and sea stones for a pleasant weight and stability of the bear. Bear is sewn completely with hand stitches.
All my creations are only in a single copy.
100% manual labor.
Thank you for noticing Bruno and me and reading my message to the end. :)

The price includes delivery of the express service EMS  Russia.

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