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Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

Well, I just dropped the kids off at my mom's house for a for thier weekly Friday night sleep over.  Now I am going to get off this computer and work on some bears.  Then we're going Ballroom Dancing!!! :dance:  :dance:  :dance:  :dance:

I spent most of today worrying about getting my passport on time for a family trip in August.
We are going on a Disney Cruise and were told that we did not need passports.  On the website it even states that they are not required until 2008.
I called just to make sure and found out that no, we did not need them but if we don't have them then we all need birth certificates and I also need my US citizenship papers.  How am I going to get these when they are with my passport application. bear_shocked  bear_shocked  bear_shocked
I was able to locate the place in England ot get a copy of my birth certificate but am scrambling to get my citizenship papers.  Maybe our passports will come in time.  If not....oh boy.

SOOOO, what is everyone else doing tonight?

KJ Lyons KJ Lyons Design
Seattle, WA
Posts: 1,413

bear_rolleyes OK,
I'm listening to i-tunes, old-time radio (1940's) series, and listing my newest eBay cat.
Judi, Good luck! on your wonderful Journey  bear_flower

angelbear216 Posts: 9

It's 7:20 pm and I'm just waiting to get my kids to bed for the night so my hubby and I can have some quiet time.   Then at 8pm we are going to watch Bones and then Standoff at 9pm.  Finally something to watch!!  Everynight now that summer is here there is never anything good on. 

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Lisa   bear_flower

Kilde Posts: 186

Judi, it sounds as if you are going on a wonderful trip - I keep my fingers crossed that your passports will get there in time  bear_happy

Its way past Midnight here now - and I'm surprisingly not feeling sleepy. I have been sewing all evening on my online class bear (E-bearz class), Sunny. Its my first attempt at both open mouth and needle felting. I have been workning on his lower jaw all evening...and I already love his little face  bear_wub so I can't wait to get started on the needle felting part.

Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

Finishing up two bears for the Bear Artists Online show next weekend.

I've been working on them all day. The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is really screaming at me but they are done!
I'm off to take pictures!
:photo:  :photo:

Laura Lynn Teddy Bear Academy
Nicholasville, KY
Posts: 3,653

Laura Lynn Banner Sponsor

Packing up 2 special order bears to go to their new home.... then hopefully starting on another bear.  Gotta get ready for my trip too... going to my Mom's next Wed.  Leaving hubby and daughter at home  bear_grin   

But gotta be sure all is ready and set for the dogs.   Isis is doing GREAT!!  Just want to be sure there's enough of their food and Isis' medication.  Take them in Monday for heartworm tests and vaccines... take ME in for yearly check up... then I have Tuesday to get ME ready to go :)

Judi I hope you either get your passport or your documents in time  bear_thumb

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,650

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Right now I'm sitting at the computer talking to you guys, while I should be getting stuff packed and ready to go to a show in Austin this weekend.  Oh well, I'm a last minute person . . . unfortunately.  Judi, here's hoping you get your papers in time to take your great sounding trip!  :pray:  :pray:  :pray:

sarahjane Brisbane
Posts: 2,951

It's Saturday morning here and I'm getting organised to take my 13 year old to soccer!! Finished doing a bear 'makeover' earlier today!!  bear_original

thumperantiques Newcastle, Ontario
Posts: 5,643

Earlier this evening, hubby and I went 10 pin bowling.  We used to bowl a LOT when we were dating as kids, but haven't done it in years.  About a month ago, we found a bowling alley not too far away and thought we've give it a whirl and we've been bowling every Friday night since.  We can't believe how much we still love it - FINALLY, something we BOTH enjoy TOGETHER LOL!  Tonight was superb - I finally beat him in one of the three games.  Where else can you get to go out for an evening and do some exercise AND enjoy it for only $25.00!

Now I'm off to finally update my blog - I've been so busy with my pieces for the BAO show that my blog has been neglected. 

Judi - fingers are crossed that you get your papers or your passports before your trip!



tuppies teddies Tuppies Teddies
Lindenow, Central Gippsland
Posts: 1,969

Saturday afternoon here and have just come home from watching the grandsons play soccer... first time they have played against each other so I had a winner which ever team won.
Still in the throws of packing for my big move.. furniture has gone and now it is the stuff to pack into the car.

Moving day is 2nd July... having lunch with Sandi from Bearlysane bears on Wednesday.
The one good positive thing about this move of mine is that all my internet friends are coming with me  Yay...

Jare Hares & Bears Jare Hares & Bears
Polo, IL
Posts: 983

well let's see...
I spent this day off from work at grandma's in Chicago cleaning up her yard.  Big brush piles that needed to be sredded and then my sister and famliy will burn it in their fire pit.
I drove most of the way home, but my leg started to cramp up, because I can't get the driver's seat in the Van to slide back far enough.  Traded with mom and I dozed off as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot.  bear_grin  I must have been more tired than I thought.
MaeLynn is having a sleep  over with Grammie.
I just finished my bath and realized that now is the time to snake out the drain... 

Must be a big hair clog... 

Not looking forward to that in the morning... YUCK!  Anyone wanna come over and help????
Also a new school quarter starts on Monday and that means tons of work to be done this weekend.

Judi - hope that you get your papers and everything that you need for your trip, it sounds like fun.

Donna A Brandon Bears
Fort Worth Texas
Posts: 98

I'm on the 'puter instead of working on a 3 inch crochet bear for a Round Robin Egroup project !...
Its Heaven bear_wub  as the grandies are here making noise and getting into everything. Mom and Dad have a night out.
We did a bit of finger painting,  bear_thumb  then its bath time, a quick snack, PaPa reads bedtime story (or two) then its off to bed.  :dance:
OOps... detour.  I smell a poopie diaper going on !... gotta go !
Donna A.

TamiL Dolls N Dreams
Aurora, Colorado
Posts: 6,454

:hug: Just finished my latest Cuddletails for the Artist On line show. Made my first Panda Cuddletails, she turned out really cute, I listed her in the showcase section.
Now I'm tired!
Need to take a bath.
Hope everyone has a nice night!  :hug:

chris009av Real Deal Bears
Posts: 2,234

I am just back from the haidressers, and I don't recognise myself.  I had my hair straightened for the first time ever. 
It was also coloured and streaked, and thined as well.  Gosh I look diferent.
Now I am about to find something to cook for dinner, has to be something nice as it's hubbies B'day  bear_grin

doodlebears Doodlebears
Posts: 7,414

doodlebears Celebration Ambassador

Well it's Saturday morning here right now and I'm about to start on yet another primate. I'm not yet sure if it will be another chimp or a capuchin monkey. Last night I just fell asleep in my arm chair, so much for watching the last two Dr. Who's that I had recorded.  bear_grin

Christine I would love to see a picture of you with your new hair cut as I dare say most of us would...come on be brave show us how wonderful you look.  bear_thumb

Hugs Jane.  bear_flower  bear_flower  bear_flower

bearlykidzbears Bearly Kidz Bears
Lodi, Ca.
Posts: 166

I spent part of the day at the hospital getting a test done. Looks like I have a few ulsers LOL stress what stress. LOL Doctor said don't drive or do anything til tomarrow LOL of course I took my daughter shopping til 11:00 tonite. Oh well.

samanthapotter Mary Myrtle Miniatures
Cheltenham, UK
Posts: 800

Well, yesterday Hubby and I went to Windsor Castle.  The flag was flying which meant the Queen was in residence, because of the Ascot races.  Windsor is a lovely place - it was just a shame that it kept raining!!
As it is now Saturday morning, when I have finished on the internet, hubby and I will probably go and do a bit of shopping in Cheltenham.  I LOVE shopping - yippee!!!

Edited to add: almost forgot - Jared I love your new avatar!!!!!

Marlys Waggle Bears
So Cal Desert
Posts: 4,089

Yes, Chris, let's see your new do.

Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379
chris009av wrote:

I had my hair straightened for the first time ever. 

AH! Lucky you to have curly hair.   I just got my poker straight hair permed last Friday!  If it's straight we want it curly.  If it's curly we want it straight bear_laugh  bear_laugh  bear_laugh

Well, it sounds like bear people are very busy people.

We had a blast last night dancing :dance:  :dance:  :dance:  :dance:  and I just got an email from US Immigration Support that they cannot help me get my's back to google for more searches. bear_wacko

Jane, can't wait to see your new monkey.  I'm working on a brand new big bear design.  He is on all fours and I'm really happy with him so far.

Samantha, Windsor Castle.  Lucky girl!  I was there 24 years ago it is gorgeous.  We don't have that kind of history here.  Castles are so magical.

DebbieD Posts: 3,540

Yes, my friend Herger said "Women are never satisfied with their bodies".   bear_rolleyes  Yep, he's sooooo right  bear_whistle !!  Myself included  :crackup:

Judi, I hope you'll be able to sort out the passport before your trip  :hug:  I remember how nervewracking it was when I got mine all those years ago. It seemed to take ages and ages, and so much documentation.  Then I had to do it all over again when I got married and my name changed.  All those hoops to jump through.   bear_wacko

My night was pretty boring.  Spent it riding my I Gallop machine while watching "Quest for Camelot".   bear_grin

Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379
DebbieD wrote:

My night was pretty boring.  Spent it riding my I Gallop machine while watching "Quest for Camelot".   :lol:

Deb, that doesn't sound a bit boring.  Now, what exactly is an "I Gallop machine"?  And the movie sounds kind of movie.  I love movies that take place during the pre-technolgy periods.

DebbieD Posts: 3,540

Its an exercise machine that 'wants to be a horse'. … ult*R1C1*T

Actually whoever invented it has never ridden a horse, as I discovered.  But it does have an ingenious little motor that causes you to be thrown off balance easily, and challenges core ab muscles.   bear_thumb   Always a good thing!

As for "Quest for Camelot", its an older animation that I LOVE  bear_wub   What clinched it for me is that its based on the book, "The King's Damosel" by Vera Chapman.  I'd read it when I was about 13 or 14. … 0380019167  Interestingly, someone gives a review further down that discusses rape, murder, betrayel and death being in the book.  Oddly enough, I didn't really remember that!  I just remember liking the girl's attitude in 'going for it' no matter what.  Funny how memories change, but then I'd also read "All's Quiet on the Western Front" at the same time and wasn't bothered by it either  bear_whistle   Yeah, weird kid....

Jodi Moisan Storytime Bears
Posts: 1,122

I just finished watching the new movie called "Miss Potter" it is about Beatrix Potter, LOVED  IT!!!!!!! I give it 5 thumbs up bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb
Thats out of a 5 thumb rating system

Aleta - The Silly Bear The Silly Bear
Portland, Oregon
Posts: 3,119

I'm having a Lemon Drop martini!!  Yum!! 

Warmest bear hugs,  :hug:

chrissibrinkley Posts: 1,836
Jodi Moisan wrote:

I just finished watching the new movie called "Miss Potter" it is about Beatrix Potter, LOVED  IT!!!!!!! I give it 5 thumbs up bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb
Thats out of a 5 thumb rating system

Oh my gosh, Jodi, I'm watching it right now!!  I just got up for a glass of chocolate (soy) milk and decided to pop online for 2 minutes!!  I'm IN LOVE with this movie!!  Not quite at the end yet....but will buy a copy tomorrow for sure.  Awesome movie I too give it 5 stars and a BIG bear_thumb


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