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SageFox The Sage Fox
Punxsutawney PA
Posts: 41

And I'm very happy with it!  bear_grin   I had 1/4 yd of white string mohair and wanted a red fox color...I've never dyed mohair fabric before, so I just treated it the same as when I dye loose wool & alpaca. I used ashford acid dyes in rust and then poured black into my hand and patted it all over to give it just a little darker mottled shading. Now it's on the drying rack and then I'm off to whip it up into a fox..but I should probably start on the fox design first I guess lol
Anyone else who dyes their own mohair..I'd love to hear what dye you use and what techniques  bear_original

>^..^<  Kelly

teeeej Brisbane
Posts: 623

swizzle1.jpgSo far I have only used rit dyes. These are done in hot water. I love dying mohair, so messy. bear_tongue I have mixed different colours together to get interesting shades. I also did a little bit of hand painting with the rit dyes to give lighter tones. Here is a picture of Swizzle (pattern by KATRINA NDREJICA). His head fur started out the same colour as the body fur. I hand painted the fur to give this cool purple/blue mix.


millie PottersHouse Bears
Posts: 2,173

I dye a lot of my mohair.  I use what I can get my hands on.  When possible, I make my own dye from plants etc.  I made a dye from poke berries and made the cutest fushia colored hippo.  I am hoping to add some plants used for dyes in my herb garden this year.

eatcakevintage Eat Cake! bears and vintage
Ormond Beach, FL
Posts: 242


I dye my own mohair. For bright colors that color only the mohair and not the back I use koolaid. The colors are great and I haven't had one fade yet. I also use Cushings dyes when I want an all over color. I have experiment with both and they also come out pretty good. If I'm not sure about the color I start out light and keep dyeing it until it reaches the color I want.


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