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White Forest White Forest Bears
Southern California
Posts: 556


We have a new bear available for adoption from our website.  His name is Sebastian, and he is a 16" bear made from gorgeous faux fur.

Happy Valentine's Day!

karas bears Kara's Bears
Posts: 290

Love seeing your bears done in faux fur, gives them a whole new look. just gorgeous bear_wub

Pat Klein Faux Paw Bears
Tallahassee, Florida
Posts: 167

Gorgeous, that fur must have been a 'bear' to work with. bear_grin


dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,002

Such a SWEETheart!  bear_wub


lemon wolf bear 1 Lemon Wolf Bears
Northern MN.
Posts: 1,634

A truly gorgeous bear!!!! Hugs, Susan. bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub

BootButtonBears BootButtonBears
Posts: 2,837

Such a beautiful little fellow.  Love that face.

Zhuvycia Meskis Bears
Lithuania, Elektrenai
Posts: 122

He looks really a little bit different, and I love this feux fur.  bear_thumb

Sarah Sarian Miniature Bears
South Wales
Posts: 694

He's a sweet little bear - looks almost like he's going to break out into a big grin  bear_original

binglebears bingle bears
Upstate, NY
Posts: 1,559

Great look! bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub The fur is marvelous!

White Forest White Forest Bears
Southern California
Posts: 556

Thanks everyone!  Sebastian was adopted this morning.


rowarrior The Littlest Thistle
Posts: 6,212

Aww, what fabulous fur, I can see why he was snapped up

Boogaloo Bears Boogaloo Bears
united kingdom
Posts: 1,096

Lovely bear, I particularly love the feet!  bear_grin


Lisa x

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