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Dilu Posts: 8,574


When you use the washing machine felting method do you already have the eyes in, do you already have the airbrushing done?


kbonsall Kim-Bee Bears
Posts: 5,645

I was wondering this to, Dilu....

Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

Dilu, and Kimmy.    I put the raw knitted pieces (nothing jointed together) in the washing machine.  Once they are shrunk down and super fuzzy, I take them out and lay them on a towel in my kitchen to dry.  At this point they may need to be reshaped by hand , then allowed to dry.  This takes several days.  Once completely dry, the peices can be assembled like any other bear.  Then all the goodies  are added like eyes, nose, mouth, claws, and any shading.  I love kniited-then-felted bears..  They are substantial /sturdy and wonderfully fuzzy.

Why not give it a go?

purelyneysa Purely Neysa
Indiana, PA
Posts: 105

-1.-Sparky-a.jpgHi Everyone,

I've been looking for a job in the real world and haven't been here for a while.  No job yet our area is soooo depressed! Wet felting... it's really messy. The comment about the TV show and making scarves and purses is how it's done. Lots of water, soap and friction... by hand or machine or both.

My advice trim those fuzzy's with your scissors and use your wet fingers. Felting is a fuzzy medium. Boy I missed being here!

I've also been painting caricatures of cats to matt and sell.... just another area to be creative in. Like this one.


SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,742

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Wow, Neysa . . . great artwork!!  Good luck with your job hunting!

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Awesome kitty, Neysa.  I saw you in a magazine recently, looking down at a craft.  Which one was it... maybe the recently arrived TBCI???  I love your hair (Shelli is a bob girl at heart.)

We've missed you too.  Sorry to hear the job hunting isn't at its best.  I wish we could all make money, and scads of it, just talking about being creative.  Heck, we contribute more positivity and happiness just by sharing tips and tidbits than some entire PROFESSIONS!


purelyneysa Purely Neysa
Indiana, PA
Posts: 105

Shelli, I was felting and I think it was in Teddy Bear Review. I like my bob too...but hubby likes it long. So what else is new ... men and long hair.

If anyone is interested in my Pen & Ink cats email me and I'll send you a PDF of all the latest. Prices are $10 & $15 matted. They'd make great Christmas presents.


rufnut Rufnut Teddy's
Victoria Australia
Posts: 2,725

Neysa, love your caricatures of cats, well done.  :clap:

Good luck on the work front too.  :pray:

Thanks for the advice on wet felting too, much appreciated  bear_thumb

matilda Matilda Huggington-beare
Posts: 5,551

Neysa love the cat. Good luck on the work front bear_flower

With the fuzzy's on the needle felted. I just use a drop of dish washing liquid (same as others) I lightly touch the area that is in need with my wet fingers & then I use my finest needle to lightly run over the surface with.
It's ' over the top a little under, over the top, & a little under.'All this with the needle on it's side. BUT be gentle.

It depends on the roving whether it has a lot of fuzzy's or not. The roving I'm using at the moment (because it has become a bit of a favorite) is like dog hair on the car rug, sort of effect. bear_grin  I didnt like it at first, but love the finished product. So as you all would guess, it has a lot of fuzzy's.

If there are too many that just wont be tamed , I cut them of. I have a wee moustache trimmer. ( someone from TT put me on to it. Wouldnt be without it now. Brilliant idea,. BRAVO to the one who gave me the tip) :clap: I lighlty run this over the surface of the felting.

I hope I have been of some help.    MERRY XMAS bear_original  bear_flower    Matilda

AnnG Childhood Treasures
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
Posts: 101

wet-felted-bear.jpgthe wet felting will give you a piece of felt fabric when you're done. If I remember correctly You pull your roving fiber out and criss cross it in a larger area, make it as thick as you like, gently spray with warm soapy water until saturated and then gently squish the excess water out and leave to dry naturally or use a blow dryer on gentle to help it along. Some use a dish towel or a piece of mesh when squishing out the water. When its dry, trace your pattern pieces and cut them out. It's just quicker then using you needles to get a large piece. You can get a really nice effect if you mix your fiber colours as well. I'll have to try it again and see  for sure. I haven't done it since we showed the kids at school when my son was in about grade 5, that's about 7 years ago.
Good luck and let me know if it works OK for you.

Here's the little fella we made at school. Have fun.

rufnut Rufnut Teddy's
Victoria Australia
Posts: 2,725

Ann that is the technique that was used to felt woolen scraves, excellent.  bear_original

Thanks for sharing

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