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Stitch SanguineCreations
Posts: 395

Does anyone know of any good books on pattern draping, for making animals. I know they have them for fashion and making clothing etc

I see Ezbear University has a course, (I love their courses) but due to ill health at this time, completing a course in time, is in and out of hospital. Thankfully Nancy T made it simple for the user to print the info for future ref, so I can do the last course in my own time.

talesia Posts: 54

Hope you will get well soon
You can look here
Svetlana Chern show how to make from head pattern for head. … y-medvedya
hope any help
all the best

Stitch SanguineCreations
Posts: 395

Thank you so much, that is just the sort of thing I was looking for. I wish it was in English, but the pic's are good, so it's still very helpful.

Thanks for the good wishes, waiting for a heart op, and then I should be good to go. @ :dance:

BeauT Bears BeauT Bears
Posts: 190

Hi Stitch,

E-course starting 31.May so you can still register  bear_tongue on EbearZ University:

Sorry, I only just read about your problem with the timeframe for an e-course. You could ask them if something can be arranged for your situation?

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