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Hi Everyone,

This is Peper. She is my latest creation to be added to the collection that I am currently taking to the Berario Bear Fair to be held in Johannesburg on August 3rd.

Pepper is made from very dense, frosted Tissavel faux fur and stands 40cm (16 inches) tall.  Pepper has 6 movable joints with a double jointed neck and has armature in her arms so that she is able to move and pose in almost any direction. Her face, nose ,hands and feet are needle felted using Merino Top wool and then her nose and paw pads are sealed and sanded many times, painting in between each layer to add depth. Her eyes are German, black glass eyes and she is heavily weighted to feel real when you pick her up yet is still extremely soft and huggable. She will be attending the Berario Bear Fair in Johannesburg on August 3rd and is currently for sale.

1373881666_pepper_1.jpg 1373881686_pepper_2.jpg
1373881703_pepper_3.jpg 1373881720_pepper_4.jpg
1373881739_pepper_5.jpg 1373881757_pepper_7.jpg
1373881778_pepper_8.jpg 1373881804_pepper_11.jpg
1373881824_pepper_13.jpg 1373881846_pepper_15.jpg
1373881868_pepper_16.jpg 1373881884_pepper_17.jpg

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