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BooBoo Posts: 153

I cut out the bear pieces on Monday. I sewed the bear together yesterday. I go to put the bear together today and realize that I don't have the "hardware" for the job!! I haven't made a bear is so long and I completely forgot that I ran out of discs and stuff!! I did find all my tools though! Oh well, since I have to order the "hardware", I may as well order some mohair, eyes, and anything else that tickles me. bear_original

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

It's great that you've come back to bear making!


BooBoo Posts: 153

Thank you so much!! I'm so excited!! I'm making a very special bear for a very special baby boy due in February!!!  bear_original

Thea-MillyMe Milly MeĀ®
Posts: 290

He he this is gonna be a bear you will remember for a long time!! Best of luck and show us your result will ya....with the baby boy of course  bear_grin  bear_thumb

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