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BlackmoonBear Sacred Bear Studios
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Posts: 251

This isn't a done deal, since I'm waiting to hear back from the owner of the bear in question, but I may have just found someone's stolen bear, and facilitated the thief's being brought to justice.

So here's the story....awhile back I was surfing ebay , and took notice of an auction for a particularly rare 80's era teddy. I passed on it since the fur was pretty badly distressed, but remembered it well because it is a bear I'm looking for.
Yesterday I was on Craigslist, and ran across an ad offering a reward for a teddy that was stolen. Sure enough it was the same very rare bear in the same condition. I went back to the auction and indeed the seller's location is only one city over from the victim's.
According to the craigslist ad, the victim's ex-roommate stole the bear when the victim evicted her....the bear was her childhood teddy, and had been passed down to her young daughter.

I contacted her and gave her the auction link, I'll hold off posting the related web pages, since I don't want any risk of tipping off the theif that she's about to get busted, but once I have confirmation that the bear is back where he belongs I'll post all the screen caps I took.

My cubs are all smiling at me right now, I think there may be some good kharma in this for me, no?  bear_original

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Flower Mound, Texas
Posts: 20,232

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Hope it all works out well!

Us Bears Pennsylvania
Posts: 1,479

Stealing Teddy Bears is the lowest of the low!  bear_angry

Mo Beary Mo Bear Designs
Redcliff, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 1,535

I'm so glad you could help out this poor lady.  That bear is a keepsake and it wasn't a very nice thing to steal it.  I hope she gets caught and it is returned to the rightful owner!

I hope this all turns out for the best.  Keep us posted.

BlackmoonBear Sacred Bear Studios
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Posts: 251

An update....

I won't post the links at this point since it turns out the bear I found was NOT the stolen bear.....the owner knew this right away since although the two were in identical condition, hers was missing it's leather neck tag and the one for sale still had one. (the bear in question was a Dakin Elegante "pajama bag" polar bear). It was all a million to one coincidence.

However I'm still happy that she purchased the bear I found as a replacement for the stolen bear (at a cost of over $100 I might add)  so something good came of it.

BooBoo Posts: 153

I'm glad she got a replacement... but can you really "replace" a bear? I think not!! But in any case I do hope the bearnapper is brought to justice someday soon.

LitWit Posts: 292
Us Bears wrote:

Stealing Teddy Bears is the lowest of the low!  :mad:

Seriously. Poor lady.  bear_cry

BlackmoonBear Sacred Bear Studios
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Posts: 251 keep up!....okay, not a perfect ending. But she did get a facsimile.   better than nothing...and worth the $$$ spent considering.

the moral here? guard what truly means most to you with your life. I keep my bears locked up behind double deadbolts, a padlocked garage, an active HD security system, a nitrogen-blow fire suppression system......paranoid? YES! but also what has privileged me with being the only home on my bock NOT burglarized since I moved in 15 years ago. (life in America)

Paranoia has it's priveleges .

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