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Kyersten Posts: 4

Hi there!  I am new to making bears and am still in the planning process.  I raise rabbits, rex, champagne d'argent and red/broken red NZ for meat, and want to put their fur to good use after harvesting them.  I am going to tan them myself then make blankets, hats and BEARS!! 

I love the look of needle felted, and would love to play with making a muzzle for a bear using this method and am wondering if this is possible, and if anyone has any tips to where to begin to have needle felted face on a real fur head.  How would one go about attaching/making this?  Do I just felt onto the hide?  Leave an open spot, stuff with wool and build up?  Or will it be trial and error...? bear_happy

Christina Posts: 978

I would try a double head: A smaller inner head made from normal fabric, then felt the muzzle, and last sew the fur on.

Kyersten Posts: 4

Thank you!  I was thinking last night along the same lines.  Will just have to play and see what works

Mo Beary Paws 2 Sew/Mo Bear Designs
Redcliff, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 1,534

I think Mellisa Bears used to do this.  She would use cloth for the muzzle and then needle felt it as there is no way of poking through the hide easily without damaging it.  Very beautiful effect.

Berwickbears Berwick Bears
Posts: 120

You should wind up with some beautiful pelts! I used to raise Silver Fox (breed of rabbit, not an actual fox for those not familiar?)they had fantastic coats and great feed conversion.  Sounds like a neat project. Good luck, and let me know if you wind up with extras to sell!!

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