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Old Soul Bear Posts: 7

Hi bear lovers!
I am happy to be here and hopefully learn a lot. I love vintage looking worn and torn character bears. I attempted making my own the other day.
I would be very grateful if you could give me some constructive criticism. This was my first bear and it only cost me the price of the fusible lining. I used cheap synthetic plush from an old pet toy (a tunnel my cat didn't like). I am still looking for vegan alternatives to Mohair. I heavily altered a pattern I found online, so it's kind of an original design (I'm weird like that for a beginner ;)...)
I thought sewing the soles was very tricky...then again I didn't have I instructions and might have done it wrong. Also the nose turned out crooked bcs for some reason, as I was sewing, one side of the face suddenly was longer than the other.
Furthermore, I have come to the conclusion that distressing doesn't work very well with synthetic fur.
I also made the discs in the limbs myself by cutting out plastic circles and using wire and buttons for the joints. It seems they are not tight enough so I'll try not to be cheap and buy some proper supplies next time :).
What do you think ? (Sorry the photo quality isn't the best) .I need some encouragement:)
Thank you!
The old soul

EJ Netcong, New Jersey
Posts: 1,595

cute, cute, cute, cute, cute! bear_wub

peterbear Boechout, Antwerp
Posts: 4,755

Hello Old Soul and welcome to TT.   bear_flower

Your first attempt is certainly a success: he already looks great and you can expect to make a perfect bear (if such a thing exists) on the first try.
A few observations (from a teddy bear collector, not a maker): you are right about the nose stitches, they seem somewhat uneven.  I also can't see on the photo if the bear has a mouth (how else is he going to eat honey).   Maybe the positioning of the eyes could alter his expression somewhat (you could experiment by placing them at different angles and see how his expression changes).   
But nevertheless: excellent job!  bear_thumb

Old Soul Bear Posts: 7

Thanks to both of you!
To be honest I purposely didn't put much effort into the nose. I saw some bears online which just had a couple of threads hanging there , to look as though they had heavy wear and tear.
I am talking about the dark part now. In general the entire snout or face turned out asymmetrical...I might have overstretched one side, I'm not clueless as to why the identical sides ended up different. .. And he actually doesn't have a mouth that a must? Of course you are right about the eating part! bear_original
Thanks for your advice, hopefully I'll find more time to practice soon:)

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Welcome, Old Soul Bear! A lot of bear makers are using viscose, which might be a “vegan” fabric. Maybe your local supplier carries it?

Your first bear is adorable. Things like nose stitching and sewing the foot pads take time and practice, but as you develop your own ways of doing those things well, you also develop your signature style that makes your bears yours.


Old Soul Bear Posts: 7

Thank you very much Becky!
I'll look into viscose. I've also read great things about tissavel.
I sure hope I develop a style bcs now I find most bears adorable! So much inspiration here!

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