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Rin Sakura Bears
West Yorkshire
Posts: 66


Please could someone tell me how to string joint a miniature bear's head?  I usually stitch them in place but would like to try something different.

Also I have seen tutorials on how to string joint limbs but there seems to be a really good method that involves tying the ends together.  Does anyone know how to do this?  I have tried but when I come to tie the ends of the string together one of the limbs does not tighten only the limb where the threads are.  I usually knot one end of the thread, put it through the body and then the arm, go back through the arm in the same stitch so as not to make a dent in the arm and take a small stitch to go through the part of the arm that attaches to the body.  I then go back through the body and do the same for the other arm.  I sometimes go through the limbs a few times to tighten them as much as possible before sewing a knot and burying it in the body.  Is this also a correct method.

Thank you in advance.

AJAY Co. Durham
Posts: 4

Hi Rin,

I've had just the problems you've found. Try what I might I just can't get the joint tight enough. If I understood your descriptions correctly I've tried them both and been left scratching my head wondering if I was just being incompetent or just plain stupid.

If it's any help I've used the methods described in books by Julie Owen and also in the recent book by Sue Quinn "making heirloom bears". Sue's book describes  jointing the head.

I think it's a case of "if it works it's right"

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