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Corneal UK
Posts: 10

Hi, I' writtng a book about how to identify and restore antique bears. I have a section called 'how to identify old bears from new' and I would like to show pictures of antique, old, replica and not so old bears. and allow the readers to try and work out which are old and which are not. I can't show my antique bears as I am talking about them later in the book. but i would love to show your old bears! all i need is a photo of your old bears, individual photos, from the front, with a plain background and good lighting. I would need to know how old your bear is and If you now the make, that would be very useful too.
i could also include the bear's name and your own if you like.

Can anyone help?

Corneal Riggar

EJ Netcong, New Jersey
Posts: 1,595

i can help you.   I've sent you an email.   bear_original

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

I've also sent you an email.


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