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DrLoris Posts: 3

I'm not a teddy bear maker, but I need related advice and this forum looks like the best place in the world to ask.
I have previously designed wax seals in the shape of my children's hands and feet (see images).
The idea is that they look like a hand or footprint in mud when you make the seal.
(I do offer them for sale, but this isn't advertising; I haven't given a link)
I think they work well, so I wanted to make more. I just finished designing a dog's paw-print, but my wife thinks it's not cute enough. I work from ink prints from an actual animal, and viewing of various real reference images of paws and prints - which produces something on the realistic end of the spectrum. So in an attempt to make it up I proposed making a teddy-bear paw for the cute style.

But the thing is, it turns out that they vary quite a bit. Real bears have five toe-pads, that seems clear.
But searching the internet reveals that teddys have anywhere between three to five pads, in a variety of configurations.
Generally, the finger pads are very round (sometimes vertical oval). The palm print may be horizontal oval, or bean-shaped (either way up), or heart-shaped like a rounded triangle.
So what I'm looking for is advice on which is 'best'. Either most common or traditional, or cutest, or other parameters I haven't considered - please say what is most important. I'm hoping for a number of replies to get an idea of the general feeling on the matter, so please do comment (or PM) even if just to say you agree with someone above.
Thanks very much for your advice.

My daughter's foot

My son's hand

handprint seal in action

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 19,601

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

HI, DrLoris . . . here is an illustration of black bear paw prints and I prefer this configuration.  Hope it helps.

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 5,926

I agree with Sue Ann. With teddy bears, the most traditional look is no toes at all - just oval pads. That leaves realistic-looking bear feet, or the many “cartoony” variations in between realistic and plain ovals. But there is really no standard look for those cartoony variations, so only realistic bear paws would be recognizable, in my opinion.

Cute idea.  bear_original  I especially like the little human feet you made.


DrLoris Posts: 3

Thank you both for your responses.
They've given me quite a bit to think about. For one thing, I hadn't really fully considered that real bears front and back paws are different. Also, there seems to be some variation - I see it's noted that the round front heel impression often doesn't show, and at least one representation has a much rounder back heel.
This is an issue because I have been making double-ended designs, with a left and right side stamp. If we wanted front and back paws (on both sides) we'd either need two different stamps or all four together in some arrangement (possibly a bit awkward).
Since the plan was to make a teddy-bear print maker, I don't think fully realistic is the way to go.
On the other hand, I don't think a plain oval pad is the way to go either - the prints the made just wouldn't be very recognisable.

I think I will just make the front paws, in a fairly rounded, cartoony style. I'm a bit concerned that people may generally prefer three or four fingerpad designs, though, given their apparent popularity. I suppose I could make those as well; a range of three is probably manageable, and it would be interesting to see if any are preferred.

DrLoris Posts: 3

Hi again.
I designed it, and had it printed. Here are a couple of pictures.
I would greatly appreciate your comments - positive or negative, because if it's really just not right I can change it and try again.

I did go with five toes, and kept a slight asymmetry, so I labelled them left and right for ease of use if doing a pair, or making a track.
The pads are a compromise between realistic bear (from reference images above and online) and rounded teddy-style.
In particular the base is wider than it is long, and has a scalloped edge following the toe pads. I worry that it should be oval, but that needs a much more stylised 'cute' pad design to look right.

I'm sorry the photos arn't great. I took them on a very sunny day and these were the best of many attempts. All the pictures of a print alone just looked plain wierd. I'll need better at some point.

BerLynne Ontario -GTA
Posts: 40

It definitely looks promising! Brings the parade of prints you might see leading through the woods on Teddy Bear Picnic day to mind!  bear_original

The only thing I personally may have tried out, and you may have done this yourself,  is make an attempt with the hint of claws, maybe simple little tiny ovals st the toes. But that may push it entirely outside the teddy category and push it back into cartoony realistic.. but I personally think your paws look pretty nifty!

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 5,926

I agree with "nifty"!  bear_original  They're quite nice, and they don't look like cat or dog prints to me, which is good. The asymmetry works well.


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