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Past Time Bears - Artist bears designed and handcrafted by Sue Ann Holcomb
Shelli Makes - Teddy bears & other cheerful things by Shelli Quinn


Hello Everyone: Its been a while since I have been here... my hubby was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma and we have been on a cancer whirl wind for the past month and half with test and biopsy tests etc. We just got the great news yesterday that they got all the cancer and he is okay! It's been a stressful time but the happiest days of our lives since yesterday!

So today I wanted to share with you a very special Ellie! She was created based on the novel/ film: Water For Elephants. She will come with her specially handmade box and the novel, her metal key and all the other things that a Seraphim Bear would come with, certificate of authenticity, sewn in Seraphim Bears tag etc. She has a tail and a belly "Button" as all my creations do!

She is currently available on Bear Pile and a portion of the proceeds from this ellie's adoption will go to the local library to help keep literature alive!




Greyson is currently available for adoption on the Teddies Worldwide online show - EXTRAVAGANZA.



Available now from Seraphim Bears - Please meet Sadie.

She is currently listed for adoption on the Teddies Worldwide online show! Thank you for your consideration!



Alfred is available for adoption this weekend on Teddies Worldwide online show - EXTRAVAGANZA!


Lavinia is now available on Bear Pile! Thanks for looking!


Lavinia on Bear Pile

Big Hugs
Michele Seraphim and the Seraphim Bears



Bugle Boy is looking for his new forever home! I don't make many ellies so he is a real commodity! He is created from hand dyed (by me) viscose and has teeny tiny English black glass eyes. He is nicely weighted and has wool felt paws. His head piece has been created from a recycled pop tab, Japanese glass beads and lace! He is available this weekend on the Teddies Worldwide show!



Just a two more bears to find their forever homes this weekend! This is Marshmallow World and he is just 7.5" of sweet attitude! He is gorgeous in person with his dense winter white alpaca! He fits just perfectly into the palm of your hand too. He is available for adoption on the Teddies Worldwide - Christmas Treasures show!

Hugs to all


Just wanted to share with you my latest bear" La vie en Rose"


She is now available on Bear Pile and eBay with a BO option! … 27cc5f5aa0


Hi Everyone

Just wanted to let you all know that the Free Giveaway bear created to celebrate my 100 bear milestone is now complete. For more information and pictures visit my blog at


Thank you to all who participated in the polls!


Hello Everyone... A reminder to let you know it is now time to vote for the next two poles for the Seraphim Bears 100 Bear Milestone GIVEAWAY!

Simply go to my blog and cast your vote on the side bar for the next two polls...

And if you post this grab button (AND DON"T FORGET TO LET ME KNOW YOU DID) on your blog or Facebook page I will enter you again for a chance to win! That will be THREE more chances to win this beautiful bear.

Thank you to everyone who voted in the first round of voting!




Hello Everyone:

I am happy to say that Seraphim Bears has now created 100 artist bears and counting and to celebrate this milestone I am having a free giveaway on my blog! If you would like to participate head on over and you can be a part of the poll to choose what style of bear you would like me to create for the free giveaway! Just check out the first post and my side bar for the poll vote!



or Bearded Melancholy style bear


Thank you everyone for your support and love over these past 3 years! This is my thank you to you!


I am delighted to introduce you to Margaret Merril, one of my traditional style bears.



Hello Everyone: I would like you to meet Pinkaboo, one of my latest Bearded Melancholy Bears




I would like you to meet Cuthbert Grant, one of my Bearded Melancholy Bears. Cuthbert has been adopted - Thank you !



Grey---TT.jpgEarl---TT.jpgJust wanted to share the Twin boys Earl and Grey! They found their forever homes this weekend!


Thank you Heidi! I love him too! I hope he finds his forever home this weekend! Big Hugs!


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