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He's awesome, great artwork! He's a real cutie  bear_wub


Awwwwwwww he's darling cute  bear_wub


What a sweetie, I like her face too  bear_wub


Congratulations Peter!!! Love to read your fabulous article  bear_thumb


Best of luck with your new store Conni!  bear_thumb


He he this is gonna be a bear you will remember for a long time!! Best of luck and show us your result will ya....with the baby boy of course  bear_grin  bear_thumb


Thank you Lisa and BooBoo. I enjoyed reading your comments too ♥


Awwwwwwwwww he is so cute  bear_wub And I LOVE his name, he's indeed a FERDINAND!!!


I just love him  bear_wub He looks fabulous!!!  bear_thumb


Thank you much Sue, Nan, Becky and Peter! I really appreciated your kind comments ♥


Introducing " I give you a piece of childhood " - aka Sophie's Toys

Made of hand dyed beige Schulte viscose , German glass eyes , stuffing: poly fibre, sheepwool & glass pallets, 4-way hardware jointed, posable neck joint, hand coloration & tinted markings, sculpted facial features, handmade cotton dress & knitted cardigan, cotton shoes in leather look, my first design with bent legs, accessoiries: wooden box & toys.
Size: ± 29 cm - 11.4 inches (overall piece)


I spent many many weeks (acutally months) blisfully creating Sophie and her toys into a one-of-a-kind vignette.
and I just love at how this set turned out!
The idea for this vignette is based on the bookcover from one of the well known books by Jill Barklem: Brambley Hedge. I love these books and those adorable mouse pictures
This piece is also referring to my own childhood where I could play endlessly with my own dolls and teddy bears.

Sophie wears a darling dress that I especially designed for her. It's made of cotton and trimmed with beautiful fine French laces. Some parts were too small for the sewing machine and therefore are stitched by hand.
Underneath an underskirt made of ultra-thin cotton gaze trimmed with a piece of ruffled blue lace.
The ball is made of cotton in sun faded old blues & reds and then aged, she can hold it between her paws without any support.
Sophie's cardigan is made of cotton in sandstone beige with old brique edges. I was difficult to knit a perfect fit and I had to knit it at least 3 times. Third time lucky!!!

She has unique hand tinted markings on her face and lopped ears (they can swivel!).

Sophie's shoes are made from fabric which I gave a leather look.


These little itty-bitty bunnies were such fun to make. They are made from cotton (left) and viscose (right).
They are hand tinted, aged and very loosly thread jointed for a frumpy feel and look.
Size: 12 cm - 4.7 inches from the tip of the ears to the tip of the toes.

The box has embroidered sides and this is the backside.

I found this petite rocking hores a few years ago and put him in a box amongst lotsa other toys where it was kindly waiting...I "stripped" him to give him this new look. I even managed to root his little tail and its horse manes.

This lil' bunny is sitting behind the wooden block and posed this way you can read the word SHE.
But wait.....there is more.....I painted more letters, when you see all 6 sides next to each other they spell:

After much deliberation, I decided to enter the Toby Awards this year. My piece "I give you a piece of childhood " was picked out in the vignette category and I won a Toby Award.
I'm thrilled to be included this year as it is my first entry ever and my first award ever. I think every other teddy bear artist will remember their first awards too.
I'm blessed to deserve such great recognition and I feel very proud.
It encourages absolutely to make new designs (the list is slightly growing) and I hope to realize them this year.

Thanks for looking & reading this topic!

Thea xoxo

PS: wanna see more >> CLICK HERE <<


Thanks a lot for your kind comments on Fleur, I very much appreciate it  bear_thumb


She flew to Australia where she is a real chit-chatter (so I was told) amongst her new friends, but I love to show you FLEUR, my latest creation.

She is made of vicose mohair and her navy outfit is also designed and made by me. She's sitting on a box with a lovely embroidered ribbon. I painted and aged the box to give it a vintage look.

I hope you like Fleur as much as I did love to bring her to life.

Go to my website if you want to see more pictures and to read details about Fleur: CLICK HERE
Be aware: pics intense!!!

Happy viewing and thanks for stopping by, Thea xoxo










I love to see WIPS and do it myself from time to time. There are a few on my blog: (just look and find the label WORK IN PROGRESS on the right side bar) and right now I have a WIP-shoot to follow on my FB page: … 587?ref=hl
For some reason there seems to be a lot of interest. Because I can see the stats of how many people are viewing at your photo's. I posted one photo of part 4 this afternoon and it already was viewed 207 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quite a lot I think!
So keep them rolling those WIPS...........I love it!!!!!!!!!  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub


bear_thumb Thanks ladies for your lovely comments.........

Always doing my bloody best Paula.... bear_tongue  bear_grin  bear_thumb

Working now on a new piece...coming soon...sending some patience dust......!!!


Gongratulations to all winners!!!!  bear_thumb

Hugs, Thea x


Hi everyone,

This week I made new tags which are free for you to download from my blog: >> CLICK HERE <<

Do now download the tag below, it's only meant as a preview. The one on my blog is a 300 dpi printable tag.
Plus there is another one....



Please meet LOISELLE.
I so enjoyed designing and making her and I am so pleased at how she turned out. I think she is one of my best designs ever and I also got so inspired by this design.
I hope you like her too. Happy viewing.

Size: 27 cm - 10.6 inches
Made: november 2012
Status: Aopted
Materials used: made of hand dyed viscose, handmade silk dress with cotton lace, box with embroidery ribbon, cotton lace and label + a wool felted bird & bird cage.
Click >> HERE << to see more on my website. I'm sure you'll ♥ it.





Dank je Peter  bear_thumb

Nice to hear you enjoyed your visit Sharon!  bear_thumb


Hiya everyone,

I posted a new blogpost on my blog where you can download these vintage tags which I made and want to share with you.
There is a single tag available at 300 dpi and a sheet with 12 tags at 180 dpi.
I also gave some tips about How to get a good quality print.

Click HERE to go to the blogpost.

The image below is just an example, please do not download this one, it's only 72 dpi and to poor to print.

I hope you enjoy them!



She's beautiful and very sweet looking ♥


She is soooo cute  bear_wub She is a darling little bun  bear_wub


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