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Thea-MillyMe Milly MeĀ®
Posts: 290

I was wondering what I must do to give NEW mohair and antique felted look. I have heard you can
use the washing machine and tumble dry the mohair.

At what temperature should I wash the mohair in the washing machine and what if I use the dryer.
I have open sparse mohair which I dyed with coffee. The colour is perfect but the mohair didn't felt
as much as I wanted. I've washed it at 30 degrees (European temp.)
I've never done this before and was a bit scared to use a higher temp.  bear_cry  bear_cry  bear_cry .

Who has tips & trics..........????? Love to hear about your experiences.


Laura Lynn Teddies by Laura Lynn
Lexington, KY
Posts: 3,649

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I don't know about "felted", but I've used sandpaper on new mohair to make it look a bit older.  Just be gentle so you don't weaken the backing!

Clarebear Fulrfun Bears
Alice Springs
Posts: 503

I pluck patches of mohair out as I have found that using the drier tends to make it even fluffier and it seems harder to make it clump or lie down.  I also have used one of those foamtype nail buffer things which works well on breaking down some of the fibres which makes it looked aged as well.  Starting off with a sparse mohair helps as well.

Mutz Mutz's Tootsz Bears & Buds
New Berlin, Wisconsin
Posts: 397

I know one bear artist (not me) who has actually tied a bear on the back of her car & dragged it up & down her street to achieve an older look.  I have rubbed a bear on the cement or on bricks to "antique" it.
I also shave & pluck......
Hope this helps.

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