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Shelli Makes - Teddy bears & other cheerful things by Shelli Quinn
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Did you get that bear? He looks very hug-able .


I've paid (and sold) for items from the USA, I'm in the UK. Also from other countries and never a problem with paypal.


Adorable. Love everything about her.


Heard about this goose on the news. I loves to walk with it's owner, but gets sore feet. So they solved the problem.


Thank you so much, that is just the sort of thing I was looking for. I wish it was in English, but the pic's are good, so it's still very helpful.

Thanks for the good wishes, waiting for a heart op, and then I should be good to go. @ :dance:


Does anyone know of any good books on pattern draping, for making animals. I know they have them for fashion and making clothing etc

I see Ezbear University has a course, (I love their courses) but due to ill health at this time, completing a course in time, is in and out of hospital. Thankfully Nancy T made it simple for the user to print the info for future ref, so I can do the last course in my own time.


WOW!    I wish I had a fortune and could buy load and loads of those creations, so very beautiful and so many clever folks there. Heaven must have teddy shows. bear_grin

ThomasAdam wrote:

Hello all,

I recall at the end of last year reading this: … o-bed.html

Then I have just come across this idiotic site: … e-men.html

Whilst the two sites mentioned are not related, it's likely the statistic for the latter comes from the former, and it's annoying to think that society, and men in general can't get past this fear that men might like teddy bears.

Not all men are:

* Jack-the-lads;
* Deluding themselves of their feelings;
* Afraid of expressing their feelings;
* Lager-louts with one-track minds, set on sex or football;
* Insensitive to others;
* Otherwise needing to be "macho" in a pack of other males (c.f. animal culture)

Yet, this stupid attitude amongst men means those of us (myself strongly included) who do cuddle teddy bears to sleep or otherwise, are still judged based on an act that has no bearing to personality, etc.  It's really annoying.

I wonder what others here think?  bear_original

-- Thomas Adam

The site you linked to, is only a joke site says this about it's self- "Disclaimer: Dr. Awesome is not a real person, but is actually a couple of uninformed, idiotic Christian men with too much time on their hands and a penchant for hyperbole. "

So I wouldn't take their statistics seriously at all. Most of the other subjects are funny, they have strong views on making marriage work and other values.
They probably have a teddy too. bear_original

People judge each other for all sorts of reasons, I wish I could say I don't care what other people think of me, but sometimes I do care. ..but we shouldn't let it stop us doing/wearing/being, what we like, as long as we are not hurting others.


Amazed by their longggggggggggggggggggggg tails. Baby ferrets are born with tiny tails that grow long, as they grow. Yet Giant Pandas as babies have long tails that seem to get smaller as they grow. How unusual.
Tried to find more about this in the net, but no luck so far.

Daphne wrote:

Question: If she was caught on tape why didn't the person taping her go rescue the cat? I thought perhaps it was a security camera but why would it be aimed just at the trash bin and this woman? Seems odd to me.

Miss Bale needs some psychiactric evaluation. IMO. :/

They called/looked for their cat, eventually finding him, after hearing his crys and finding him in the bin. They then looked at the film, to see how he got in there and were shocked to find he'd been in the bin for 15 hrs and stunned to see how it had happened. The poor cat was covered in it's own poop.

It was a security camera, they'd installed after someone kept scratching their car. They found it was their elderly neighbour, who was keying their car. When confronted the neighbour said it was because they were parking near or in her space. They made the neighbour pay for the repair/ repaint or they said they'd turn the film over to the police. Neighbour paid up.
They'd thought they had a good relationship with the neighbour.


This 'woman'(I use the word lightly, she's a witch) is from Coventry, UK.
From today's papers: "But she claimed the outcry had been blown out of all proportion.
She said
'I don't know what the fuss is about. It's just a cat.'
The unmarried bank worker said she was just walking home on Saturday when she saw the cat and decided to play with it. But she told the Sun that she 'suddenly thought it would be funny' to put it in the bin.
'I did it as a joke because I thought it would be funny. I never thought it would be trapped, I expected it to wriggle out,' she said.
Referring to the CCTV footage, she told how she could not believe it was being seen around the world and was afraid it would upset her family.

She said: 'I don't know what my relatives will think but to be honest I think everyone is overreacting a bit.'
While Miss Bale admitted she should not have done it, she said she did not deserve to be 'hated' by everyone and assumed the cat would find its own way out the bin.

You can see her caught on camera here.... … t-cat.html

Her mother is so sorry and making one excuse after the other for her behaviour, but the women herself, doesn't seem to give a fig. Wouldn't be surprised if family have been making excuses for her, all her life and believing the family myth. Know it happens to the witch in our family.
Can't for second believe she thought, that cat, could get out of that bin, they are so tall with a lid and smooth sides.

Bubble-Up Bears wrote:

Oh that is just too too too cute!!
I saw an episode of AFV (America's Funniest Videos) and they had a full grown Old English Sheepdog in one of these bucket swings and it was hysterical!! The owners were swinging it back and forth and quite high I must say!!
I laugh until I cried!  :crackup:
The dog was loving it and it was obvious it wasn't the first time this dog was in a swing!
Did anyone else see it???

Is this it?


Never heard of buying bugs before. Anything is possible in America lol.

Love the pic. The white, with just the little bit of colour from the ladybird (what they are called in the UK) is beautifully photographed.


Glad that's not a snapping turtle, or he'd of lost a paw. Funny cat.


lol it's sort of creepy. When that dog shakes, it's face nearly gets away. lol


He is wonderful, just makes me want to pick him up and give him a cuddle. Lovely.


Funny how it looks cute, IF it's in someone elses house.  Not so cute if it was my house lol  :crackup:


There seems to be a belt around his middle, I'd assume some sort of float type vest also.


Love your cat....and it's name.

Cornflake...the cereal killer.  :crackup:


Thankx you for the kinds thoughts and words. The pic, did give me a smile.


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